Teen Birthday Party Ideas: A Haunted House Themed Birthday

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Haunted House

As a parent, it can be difficult to create a memorable birthday party for your kids. Finding the right birthday party theme is hard enough when the kids are little, but it can get even harder when your son or daughter outgrows princess parties and cowboys and Indians. When those once little kids turn into teenagers, it can be hard to please them and their friends, especially when planning a birthday party.

If you are looking for a memorable way to spend your teenager’s next birthday, why not consider a haunted house theme? Teenagers lovesaw movie horror movies after all, including zombies, monsters and other assorted creatures of the night. Allowing those teens to have safe fun and enjoy themselves in a real haunted hose setting is a great way to create a memorable birthday party for even the most jaded teenager.

One of the great things about a haunted house themed birthday party is that it can be enjoyed by kids and teens from all walks of life. No matter what their taste, chances are your son or daughter an his or her friends will get a real kick out of shooting zombies, running from werewolves and watching out for vampires-since they’ve by far outgrown the thrill of pinatas. When they are all done, they can return home for even more fun and adventure.

If you want to make your haunted house themed birthday party even more fun, you can pair that party with a customized gift basket for each party guest to enjoy. To get started, just purchase an assortment of baskets in Halloween colors like black and orange. Then fill eachfake blood basket with an assortment of items that will go perfectly with the upcoming haunted house adventure. You can use just about anything you want, including Halloween costumes, makeup, packets of fake blood, wigs, hats and other scary stuff.

After everyone in the birthday party has their gift basket, they can prepare for their haunted house adventure. Once they are properly dressed and adorned, those revelers can head out to their especially reserved haunted house, where they can enjoy a number of fun and frightening activities.

While the kids are off at their haunted house adventure, you can get the house ready for the after party fun. Start by whipping up a number of scary or Halloween themed food, suitable for any Halloween party or trick or treat night. Let your imagination be your guide – the only limit is your own creativity and style. Whether you choose to serve birthday drinks from a fake coffin or fill a punch bowl with blood colored refreshments, the teens are sure to enjoy themselves when they return home.

Finding a fun and safe birthday party theme for a teen birthday is never easy, but a haunted house adventure can make things a lot easier. Teenagers love to be scared, and allowing them to enjoy a safe yet scary adventure is a great way to celebrate their special day in style.

Jack Harding is an events organizer and avid blogger. He has teenagers of his own and likes finding novel ways they can spend novel time together. He enjoys sharing his insights on various parenting blogs.


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  1. sarah davis says:

    What a unique idea. Good job! My son is definitely too young for this theme but I think it’s something that would be good for a teen. I truly believe you have to find unique and fun ways to keep them wanting to me involved at home rather than out getting into bad things.

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    What wonderful idea for an older child’s party. I have a friend whose son is all about haunted houses and halloween themed things. I’m going to share this post with her. 🙂

  3. Eva Gallant says:

    Those are some spectacular ideas!!!! I just stopped by from SITS to say hello; hope you have time to do the same.

  4. Teresa M. says:

    My daughter is older now but the most memorable birthday party we had for her were held at the local recreation centre. They had a lovely area upstairs. It included meals and beverage plus swimming in the ‘wave’ pool. Of course, birthday adventures are in abundance these days and the ideas are endless. My nephew has had some really neat birthdays too!

    • I personally don’t remember a neat teen party I had. Birthdays weren’t a big thing when I was little. A wave pool sounds super fun!

  5. Kristiina says:

    This is such a great idea, you are so creative!

  6. Betsy Barnes says:

    What a great idea! Love the thought of a “SAW” horror party 🙂

  7. stephanie says:

    i love this idea!

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