Three Ways to Use a Nursing Pillow

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We all know that there are many reasons to breastfeed your baby, but unfortunately breastfeeding isn’t something we all can or want to do. Some people choose not to breastfeed for personal reasons others may have breastfeeding problems and choose it’s not for them. When I was pregnant I had decided I was going to breastfeed but when it came down to it my son(s) would barely latch on. I tried breastfeeding for a while but ended up having to pump instead. My boys received a combo of expressed breast milk and formula. It wasn’t exactly how I pictured things going but it worked for us.

Holding a baby for a long time while trying to feed them and wreaks havoc on your poor arm. My arm kills these days when my three old wants me to carry him for just a few minutes. It’s actually pretty funny. My son starts off with him up on my waist in the normal child kid hold but as time goes on he starts sliding down. By the time I can barely hold him any longer he’s practically to the floor and might as well be walking again. Ugh. I can’t help it I’m a pretty little person and he’s probably half my height. But surprisingly a tiny baby can do the same after a while. Luckily, there are nursing pillows like the Mombo that will help save your arm while getting your baby into the right position for breastfeeding.

Nursing pillows can also be used several other ways which add to their value.

  1. Prop for sitting.  In the past I often used these types of pillows as a way to prop my sons’s up for sitting. A nursing pillow is great for the times when your baby can hold up some of its weight but can’t sit on their own yet. I have so many pictures of my son sitting this way. Just sit it around them where the U shape’s opening is cradling them.
  2. Elevation for Laying. It’s often a good a idea to have your baby elevated some when they lay down. If we were just chilling in lets say the living room I would rest their head on the pillow while the rest of the U shape goes toward their sides. The added plus of the Mombo is that is has a soothing vibration feature which is so comforting to babies.
  3. Elevation for Tummy Time. Most babies do not like being on their tummies at first because they can’t hold their heads up yet. Placing their chest/arms on the pillow helps with this some making it so their face isn’t planted on the ground. The mombo nursing pillow is two sided with one side being firm for feeding and a soft side for lounging. Sounds great and a perfect addition to tummy time!

I think it’s funny how a lot of baby product’s names sound like some variation of our big eared friend Dumbo. Why is that?  Anyway, Mombo is available at Toys R Us and Babies R Us where they also offer slipcovers for the times the pillow is bound to get dirty. To learn more about Mombo please visit Comfort & Harmony on Facebook and Comfort & Harmony on Twitter.

Did you breastfeed your babies? Can you see a product like this being useful?

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Back when I had my girls there was no such thing, which sucked as they are a great idea

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