On The Go? Tips For Finding The Easiest Nursing Routine

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breastfeeding at the beach

Producing milk for your infant is a natural process for most new moms. However, ensuring that your infant latches on properly and grasps the hang of it can be challenging if you’re unsure of what to expect. While you can make whole-hearted attempts at instructing your infant on the proper steps to seek nourishment, you’ll find the right routine to aid in your success.

Get Comfortable

You can begin by getting your infant in the right position to feed. However, the right equipment can prove beneficial in teaching her child how to feed properly. Supporting your infant with a nursing pillow can offer the right positioning no matter the actual technique. You should also find a cozy and stress-free environment to feed your child. A quiet bedroom, nursery or den can be ideal, especially if you have a comfortable chair or rocker to sit in.

Clear Your Mind And Body

Until you get the hang of it, you’ll find that learning to breast-feed your child can be a difficult exercise to achieve. You can move the process along by clearing your mind and body. Instead of balancing dinner, household chores and a host of other tasks, you can clear your schedule and concentrate solely on the care of your infant. This means getting them to feed properly and enjoying the bonding experience that is associated with breastfeeding.

Try A New Position

There are various positions for feedings infants. The cross cradle is a position where the infant lays on their side and is within range of your touch. They are also well-supported by either an arm or nursing pillow. Allowing your child to feed first on your left breast, you can then support the body of your infant with the right arm, while hand cradling their head for support. Your fingers are also free to support your left breast and extract the milk appropriately.

You can also feed lying side-to side with their chest against your own. Using your right arm, you can support their body and cradle their head in your hand. This is especially beneficial for night time feedings. Placing your child face up and supporting them lengthwise with a nursing pillow or comfortable head pillows is called the football hold. This is a great option for those just beginning the nursing process. This is also beneficial for mom’s who have just undergone a cesarean section.

Take A Break And Change It Up

If you experience problems with latching or you become frustrated, you can take a break. You can also try out the other various positions until you find something that’s most suited to your infant’s needs.

If you’re a busy mom on the go, you want to find the right breastfeeding position for your baby that allows them to get the proper nourishment. The above tips can help make the process easy and successful. However, you have a host of options available if you need assistance such as a lactation specialist or support groups that can offer ideas on the various nursing techniques.


Writer Sarah Gray understands that getting your teen in gear to be a safe driver involves a lot of talking on your part. Even if you’re met with surly glares, your message is more than likely getting through. Start from an early age so the message sinks in, and don’t give up.


  1. I’ve heard several of my female friends discuss their own breast feeding and your suggestions are great here no doubt, Sarah. For me personally, when in a restaurant I do like when mom/baby shield the feeding. Regardless it’s a beautiful thing to see a baby naturally nourished by his/her mom. Good post 🙂

  2. Paul Graham says:

    Hi Krystle, Good idea to post Sara’s tips on Finding The Easiest Nursing Routine. All mums need all the support they can get and new ones in particular,

  3. very good information. At one of my jobs they had a special room for nursing but that only happened after a few woman complained

    • I think nursing rooms are becoming more popular than they used to be. I’ve seen them at the mall and a few stores now.

  4. Today studies have shown the benefits of breast feeding. When I had my children 47 years ago breast feeding wasn’t popular. I think it is great for not only bonding, but it is the natural thing to do.

  5. My days of concern about this topic are long gone. It was a lovely experience at the time.

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