Toy Story Room Decor and Paint Ideas

The time has come to redecorate baby bug’s room, but first we need to take a look at his old room. When I originally chose the Toy Story room theme (about two years ago) it was because I felt it was safe theme. After all, it’s filled with toys and almost any kids room theme goes with toys. Plus, baby bug didn’t really have a favorite character yet. It would figure shortly after I chose the Toy Story theme that he would find his first love, Mickey Mouse. To compensate we’ve had two Mickey Birthday Parties since then.

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About six months ago baby bug actually really got into the Toy Story movies and characters. I was so happy that he finally liked his room theme. Sadly, I don’t feel this theme will last very much longer and so I feel once we move it will be time for a new room theme. We’ve already have painted over these walls which was a little sad. But not nearly as sad as painting over big bug’s Mario Mural. That took 4 months to paint.

I want the new room theme to last for at last a few years, hopefully! I think we are leaning on a super hero theme. What theme do your children have in their rooms?


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7 responses to Toy Story Room Decor and Paint Ideas

  1. Oh my what a room my grandson Leo would love such a room he loves Toy Story……………the thing with him though is that he will be all into Toy Story for months then will switch to say Spiderman for a few months then it’s Batman……so makes decorationg his room difficult
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    • I know what you mean. Kids do change their minds a lot. I just hope by doing a super hero theme room he will have enough characters to go around.
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  2. Tara L

    How cute my son loves Toy Story this would of been a perfect room for him if we owned our own house that is. I’ll have to keep this in mind :) Thanks for sharing this!

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