Transform Your Blog Into A Great One With These Tips

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Transform Your Blog Into A Great One With These Tips

Not too long ago you realized that there is a lot of potential in starting a blog. So, because you are an entrepreneur, you picked up the baton and ran like Usain Bolt for the finish line. Plus, the idea of working from home in your PJs was too good to turn down.

After the dust had settled, you came to a conclusion: you have a good blog. In fact, it is a very good blog. The problem is, it isn’t a great blog. Due to the competitive nature of blogging, a good blog isn’t enough to dominate the competition. To make more money and create an awesome reputation, you need a great blog. There are just too many options for the consumer to choose from to settle for anything less.

The good news is it isn’t impossible. The better news is that it is easily achievable if you know what parts of your blog to tweak. If you are looking for inspiration, you have come to the right place as below are the tips that will take your blog to the next level. And, it isn’t rocket science. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Re-evaluate Your Platform

It is time to analyze your platform. Lots of bloggers, very commendably, are loyal to their preferred platform. It is hard to make a change, mainly because you like the platform you have now and mainly because change is a lot of hassle. Still, the hassle is often worth the reward in this case. Although you don’t want to hear it, your platform might be holding you back.

Take a WordPress blog as an example. Sure, WordPress has a lot of great features and the majority are free. However, the features are limited and made for novice bloggers. You don’t want to be a novice blogger anymore which is why you need an upgrade. Squarespace is recognized as one of the more professional and easier platforms to use. Don’t take this as gospel, though: get out there and see for yourself.

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

As a wannabe professional blogger, you might start feeling insecure. Don’t I need to look as if I’m more professional than everyone else?’ It is a question that a lot of bloggers deal with on a daily basis, so don’t worry if it pops into your head. The answer to the question is simple: no. No, you don’t have to pretend to be more professional than you are because that’s fake.

What you need to do is be more professional and you will give off the right impression to your followers, which is why simplicity is vital. The best blogs are simple. The ones that are simple are easy to use and easy to navigate, and these are two features every consumer wants. A complex theme and a complex structure will just turn off your visitors and they will bounce.

Choose The Right Plugins

An awesome plugin can make the difference between a decent blog and a great one. It is important to remember that the little details make the biggest difference, and plugins are the perfect example. The best ones are easy to use while also adding to the experience for the user.

Social media plugins are without a doubt a necessary addition. Not only do you need to exploit social media for financial reasons, but your visitors want to be able to share their findings with their followers. It is amazing how much you can transform your blog just by adding a Twitter plugin on every web page. There are plenty of other plugins, so make sure you find and add the ones you need.

Make More Conversions

Great blogs make money in a variety of ways. You might have an e-commerce blog that sells products, or you might make money from advertising. Regardless, your conversion rate is vital to making money. From a basic point of view, the more visitors you convert, the higher your sales. But, keeping visitors loyal will also jack up your traffic. Advertisers only invest in sites with consistently high traffic so your numbers need to be exceptional. It isn’t too hard to drive traffic to your blog if you understand the basics. However, keeping them there isn’t easy. The trick is to speculate to accumulate and analyze the results. For example, you can make one web page quicker and easier to navigate and keep the rest the same. Then, check Google Analytics for the numbers to see if the experiment worked. Unique content is also another effective method.

Give Them Something Special

Let’s stay with the idea of providing great content because it’s important. People choose blogs based on what the blog has to offer. So, if your blog has something they can’t get anywhere else, people will flock there without fail. If you don’t, they might visit every now and again but they won’t be consistent. Great content is a feature of a great blog because it is a money-maker. Again, it drives traffic which is exactly what advertisers want, and exactly what you want too.

There are two options at your disposal. First, you choose a professional outfit like HOTH blogger and have them take care of your content or you take care of it internally. Outsourcing it to another company is hard but it is usually the right choice. They are experts, and for a fee they can provide your blog with all it needs in terms of content. If you do decide to go it alone, make sure you have the time.

Don’t Give Up

Yes, transforming your blog is not going to be a simple task. In fact, it is a full-on job that takes up a lot of your time and energy. The good news is it is rewarding in a variety of ways, including financially. Well, it is if you adopt the right attitude and have the patience to let it work. If you don’t, you will give up before the changes begin to take hold and will never know the outcome.

Great bloggers don’t give up. They strive for excellence and always push the envelope!


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