Valley Food Storage Pasta Primavera Review

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valley food storage pasta primavera

Today was the first day back at school for my kids after a flyby summer. It’s so far been a bittersweet day with now my youngest in kindergarten. It’s amazing how fast children grow up. Before I know it my baby will be a first grader and can start Cub Scouts like his brother did.

Speaking of scouts, I’ve just came across some amazing freeze dried food that would be perfect for camping! They are SO portable, easy, and yummy. Don’t worry you won’t feel like your eating in outer space!

Valley Food Storage has the philosophy that we should always be prepared. Prepared for anything from a natural disaster to the times we’re late on grocery shopping.

Valley Food Storage packages their freeze dried foods differently than other companies giving their food a boost in taste, quality, and longevity. Take the Valley Food Storage Pasta Primavera for example. valley food storage

The Valley Food Storage Pasta Primavera has no MSG, hydrogenated oils or syrups, trans fats, or GMOs that some other food storage companies include. Without these ingredients Valley Food Storage foods stay fresh and safe to eat for longer – up to 25 years!

I thought the Valley Food Storage Pasta Primavera tasted good! And it was very easy to make. All I had to do was boil two cups water, whisk in the food package, and cook for 15 minutes at gentle boil. Letting the meal sit a while after cooking is a good idea. It helps to thicken up the sauce otherwise it may be a bit soupy. Tip: I noticed the sauce thickens even more after refrigerating and reheating.

The Valley Food Storage meals are great for busy families, camping trips (all you need is water and fire), and to be prepared for whatever life may throw you. It wouldn’t hurt to always having some of these in the pantry!

They offer food storage packs in a variety of sizes for every meal. Plus I love how the food pouches are like ziplock bags. They can have many uses once you’re done cooking your food! I would highly recommend them!!

Have you ever tried freeze dried food?


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