WAHM, SAHM, Disabled Mom: 5 Tips on Making it All Work

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Work at home moms (WAHM’s), stay at home moms (SAHM’s) and moms that are home due to a disability are all in a very unique position. These moms are all expected to carry out a majority of the responsibilities around the home, regardless of any disability restrictions or work at home duties.

It is a preconceived notion that women, who are at home for whatever reason, have all the time in the world on their hands. People also believe that they can accomplish many tasks, always have access to money needed to run and maintain the home, and still have time to look great and entertain.

For those of us who are in one of these positions, we know that this is ridiculous.

In most cases, women who work from home, stay at home to raise children or care for their aging parents, or stay home due to a disability are often frazzled. They are always trying to accomplish too many things at once, and in most cases, they are doing so on a very limited budget. However, most would not trade it for the world.

To help out with this often chaotic lifestyle, many moms in these positions have gathered up the following five ideas to make life much easier.

1. Apply For Financial Help. If you have a disability, the SSDI program and long term disability laws can help you with your income. If you are a work at home mom, you may need assistance until your business is stabilized. If you are home raising children or caring for parents, there is also assistance available for you. Talk to local social programs in your area and see what is available. Any bit of relief you can get and make your life less chaotic is worth the effort.
2. Remain Social. You need to make sure that you spend some time with your peers. Women who are at home for long periods of time can begin to feel very isolated and this can lead to depression. Even if it is only once a week, make time to talk to friends.
3. Organization. Under these circumstances, it can become very easy to get disorganized. When this happens, it can make everything even more chaotic, and many work at home moms “give up” at this point. Staying organized is always a key to success.
4. Ask for Help. If the burdens of the home seem overwhelming, it is time to ask for help. Turn to your family and friends for a little relief. It may be something as simple as inviting everyone over to have a BBQ and help you spring clean so you can feel better about your home, or something as serious as asking for someone to come and monitor the home so you can get some much-needed sleep.
5. Give Yourself Credit. You are managing more than anyone in an office ever will. CEO’s and business managers all have assistants to help them with their everyday tasks. You, however, are managing everything on your own. That takes talent and skill.

Keeping these things in mind will help any woman in this type of home setting to succeed.

This guest post was written by Melanie Fleury. She is a SAHM, WAHM and Disabled Mom, which she would like to label DAHM. She has found that staying organized, asking for help when needed and taking down time when needed have all been keys to her success. With her condition being progressive, she also takes time to stay alert to and educated about long term disability laws that may affect benefits that she is due in the future. She knows that insurance companies are quick to deny claims and knows that hiring a lawyer like Marc Whitehead & Associates will help her to get fair compensation.



  1. Great tips, as a disabled SAHM I appreciate it!

  2. Sherri Lewis says:

    I had to go out on disability a little over a year ago because of a combination of fibromyalgia and arthritis. My salary has been cut in half, so any socializing has been cut out completely. People keep urging me to get out more, but it is hard to do when you don’t have the funds to do anything, and you are mostly wheelchair bound. I am getting used to be a recluse, but there are times I miss being around others….

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