WayGood Tea Chamomile Mint Cleanse Review

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mint cleanse

Lately, I have been drinking WayGood Tea Chamomile Mint Cleanse. It’s the perfect combination for me!! I tend to have trouble sleeping at night and always could use a boost in the digestive department. I told you right!? It was like made for me.

This tea tastes oh so good. It’s like a chamomile tea with just a hint of mint. It’s delicious and a very relaxing part of my nightly routine.

WayGood Tea Chamomile Mint Cleanse contains peppermint, papaya, and hyssop to help with any digestive issues you may have. The calendula and dandelion are there to remove harmful toxins and free radicals from your body. And of course, the chamomile is there to help you sleep but did you know it can even reduce the signs of aging? That’s always a plus!

mint tea

All of this is very nicely packaged and each tea bag is in a sachet rather than paper or being loose. I love that this tea is all ready to go. Very quick and easy which is what I need before bedtime. I would highly recommend WayGood Tea Chamomile Mint Cleanse to anyone who wants a good nights sleep while detoxing.

Have you ever done a cleanse before?


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