Three Ways to Make Moving Easier Than Ever Before

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Moving to a new house or apartment may fill you with excitement but also make you a little worried too. You know that moving those heavy pieces of furniture in your home, including bookcases and couches, will take some time and require the help of your friends and family too. Whether you move from a studio apartment or a three bedroom house, you know that it will typically take some manpower and several trips. If you think that hiring a moving company is your best option, you may change your mind after checking out a few ways to make your move a little easier.

Cut Down on Boxes

As you begin looking around your house and planning for your move, you will likely find that you need dozens of boxes for each room. Changing the way you pack can significantly cut down on the number of boxes that you need. Anything soft that you have in your home can serve as packing materials, including your kids’ stuffed animals, the bed linens your family uses and even your clothing. Since you need to use those materials anyway, you can use those items to wrap breakable items and save on boxes.

Get Additional Insurance Coverage

Long before the date of your move, you will want to contact your insurer and find out if your current policy covers items lost or broken during a move. Even if your policy does not cover these types of accidents, you can often change your policy and get additional coverage that protects you during the move. If you lose anything important or break anything during your move, you can typically pay a deducible and let your insurance cover the remaining cost, which is helpful when it comes to moving expensive items.

Rely on Casters

Make moving heavier pieces of furniture a cinch with furniture casters. Casters are essentially wheels that you attach to the bottom of your furniture, which then let you slide those objects easily across any type of flooring or surface, including carpet, tile and even sidewalks or driveways. You can even leave those casters in place as you rearrange the furniture in your home and for use months after you finish your move. Using casters, contacting your insurer and using soft items as packing materials can make your next move much easier than you thought.

How do you make moving easier?


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