Five Ways to Perk Up Your Pad

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Homes in magazines always look so posh, it makes looking at your own furniture seem a bit sad. Rest assured you don’t have to throw everything out in order to make your home chic. Instead, here are some simple ways to make little improvements for big results.

1. Clean Your Space

When you really analyze those pictures, you may notice what’s not there. You know, the bill and coupons piled up on the microwave, the TV remote halfway wedged into the seat cushions, or the shoes scattered around the back door.

Everyone has that stuff; it just needs to be organized. If you have magazines yet to be read, put them in a holder. Remotes and game controllers aren’t nearly as annoying piled into a little basket or stashed in a drawer.

2. Un-Color Your World

Just as the little black dress can flatter anyone, simple white walls can work wonders for your space. The color naturally invokes a feeling of openness. Even better, it goes with anything, even different shades of itself. Paint the walls white and use neutral furnishings, then add pops of color with accent pillows, vases and pictures. Use bright hues to evoke energy, and rich tones to give depth.

3. Add Ambient Lighting.

Flipping a switch usually turns on basic lighting, but a home can look more complete when it has accent illumination as well. While they are functional, think of lamps as jewelry for your room; they are the finishing touches to your décor.

Keep scale in mind so that the lamp doesn’t overwhelm the table or area where it sits. For the lamp itself, the shade should be at least one-half the size of the base in order to hide the hardware.

4. Keep It Fresh

If you ever walk into a flower shop, you can’t miss the heady smell of blossoms and sense of freshness in the air. You can have a touch of that feeling in your own home with a fresh bouquet in an entryway or on a table. Change out the blooms regularly, about once a week, as dying greenery won’t have nearly the same affect.

5. Wear a Rug

Tired carpet and worn vinyl can make a room look lousy, regardless of how clean they are. Cover up the bland areas with new rugs. They are much less expensive than carpet and can easily be switched out when they become worn.

A few simple changes can breathe new life into your home. Create an entirely new look by using a little paint, adding a few accent furnishings, and getting yourself organized.


Krystle Cook – the creator of Home Jobs by MOM – put her psychology degree on a shelf and dived into a pile of diapers and dishes instead. She is a wife and mother to two rambunctious boys, sweating it out in her Texas hometown. She loves cooking, DIY home projects, and family fun activities.

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