Decorating Easter Eggs with Wax + Zion Judaica Multicolored Beeswax Candles Review

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beeswax candles

I have always been a fan of candles. There’s just something calming about their glow that I just love. Not to mention all of the wonderful scents you can get them in. With having three cats, candles are my friend (that and Febreze of course)!

The nice people at Zion Judaica sent me some wonderful Multicolored Beeswax Candles
to review. A set of 45 multicolored honeycomb beeswax came in a lovely wooden crate to store them in. Each candle is about 4 inches tall and 7mm in diameter.

These Multicolored Beeswax Candles give off a very light sweet scent that’s only really smelt if looking for it. It would be nice if each candle was individually wrapped to preserve this but they are not. Instead they are grouped in the crate in three rows lined with a cardboard type paper.

You can tell that each candle is made by hand since each one isn’t exactly the same. These are definitely not pumped out by a factory which I love. I love their uniqueness. I love all of the their bright colors too. I think they would be perfect on a birthday cake if you don’t mind bigger holes.

100 beeswax candles

And let me tell you these Multicolored Beeswax Candles burn amazingly (one stick lasts about 40-45 minutes) with no mess. Normal stick candles drip all over the place but these 100% beeswax candles practically evaporate into nothing. SO awesome!

This candle set is labeled as Chanukkah Candles on the box but there is no reason you can’t use them for other things. I did. I decided to decorate Easter eggs with the wax from these Multicolored 100% Beeswax Candles!

Decorating Easter Eggs with Wax

decorating easter eggs with wax

Instead of doing the normal Easter eggs where you just dip eggs into dye I decided to dip them in wax instead. These days this technique is often used with crayons but I decided I’d use my more natural 100% beeswax candles.

wax easter eggs

I lined a muffin tin with silicone baking cups and heated the wax on the stove until melted, above 5 minutes over medium heat. I used one beeswax candle per silicone baking cup.

Once the beeswax was completely melted I turned down the heat to a simmer. I dipped in my cooled hard boiled eggs into the wax, letting dry before switching colors. The wax dries almost instantly so there’s no waiting around for your egg to get a shade darker like you would with dye.

wax melting easter eggs

If you are extra creative you can even make some amazing designs by drawing with wax and dying! Wax melting Easter eggs is very popular in other countries.

What is your favorite way to decorate an Easter egg?


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  1. ncjeepster says:

    Great review, I made eggs like this one year, I thought they were beautiful. I have always wanted to make some more, thanks to your article I can give it a go. Thanks so much.

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