5 Things You Learned in School That Your Kid Will Not

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Education is the most important thing we can give to our children. We work hard to send our kids to school so that they can eventually use their education to develop a good life for themselves. However, how well is the school system teaching our kids?

Over the past couple of decades, schooling has drastically changed. According to the US Department of Education, large schools are on the rise. Now, more than 70 percent of high schools have more than 1,000 students and the size of middle schools has increased drastically too.

This has caused cutbacks to one-on-one time with students and changes to the curriculum. For example, when we were young, our teachers taught us many life skills that we needed to live. However, nowadays, these life skills are being cut out to make time for every student.

These skills are still important to our children, and therefore it is important that we teach them at home. Here are 5 things that we learned in school that your child will not learn in their classrooms. With this information, you can create an at-home program to tackle the gaps in learning.


According to ATTN Media, 70 percent of young people have no idea how to sew a button back onto a shirt. This is because it was determined that it was sexist to teach needlework at school to girls and therefore schools started disbanding their programs.

In the modern age, the need to sew has also been replaced by giant megastores selling cheaper clothing. Society believes that we don’t need to learn how to sew if you can just buy another shirt.

Cursive Writing

For the past couple of years, schools have been dropping cursive writing from the core curriculum. However, it has been found that learning cursive can improve your child’s fine motor skills and increase his or her ability to retain information. Teaching it to your children at home can help their scores in other subjects.

My husband’s 26-year-old cousin can’t read cursive. It’s totally like a foreign language to him. I find it so odd that he can’t even read popular brands like Campbell’s because he was never taught cursive. Such a shame.

Financial Management

Many curriculums are ditching some of the most important life skills, like budgeting. Children that graduate from high school may know how to find the limit of a derivative, but not essential financial skills. They won’t know how to understand their credit score, how to balance a checkbook, or how to apply for their student loan.

I suggest starting teaching money management skills early. Use an app like Current to make things easier and a bit more fun.


Cooking was once a core requirement in schools. However, more schools are deciding that this is a skill that needs to be taught at home rather in a classroom environment.

I think this has had a negative impact on children. Cooking classes were also packed with information about how to stay nutritionally healthy. This means students aren’t learning about the food pyramid and what foods are essential to growing healthy and strong.

Household Repairs and Maintenance

Schools are no longer focused on preparing children for industrial fields such as auto tech, home repairs, and technician jobs. Therefore, many schools no longer offer the ability to learn these skills. 60 percent of Americans can’t even change a tire – but Google can, so why bother right?

If you want your child to become a well-rounded adult, it is important that you pay attention to what your school isn’t teaching and supplement their lessons at home!

school, kids, children, learning

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