Flooring Options for Families with Children and Dogs

So you’re a parent with pets. You want flooring that will work well not only throughout your home for your pets but is durable and safe for children. Try these flooring options: Hardwood Flooring The durability of a hardwood floor comes from the aluminum oxide layers that makes them stronger.  One of my favorite hardwood floors […]

Top 10 Ways to Save $10,000 in a Year

As a parent, you never seem to have as much money as you want. Even if you are doing alright financially, you may worry that your emergency fund isn’t large enough or that you aren’t saving enough for retirement. Fortunately, there are many small steps that you can take to save up to $10,000 or […]

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Man

Without a doubt, Father’s Day gifts are some of the hardest gifts to shop for. Most men don’t give a lot of hints about what they want. Just like children, their tastes may also change in short periods of time. Men tend to buy what they are interested in and not give anyone a chance […]

The Importance of Developing Discipline While Working at Home

Working from home is an incredible opportunity for many people. Especially for women who prefer to be close to their school-aged children. The thought of setting your own work schedule and becoming your own boss sounds like a dream come true. Instead of having to put on an embarrassing company uniform or stuffy office attire, […]