Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu

This is an easy and yummy recipe that my whole family loves. Cheese, chicken, ham…I was pretty much sold right there. I have been making this recipe for years and it never disappoints. I found the original version Home Jobs By MomKrystle Cook – the creator of Home Jobs by MOM – put her psychology degree on […]

Liking a Facebook Page as an Extra Entry into a Giveaway [Updated]

Have you noticed that I do not offer liking Home Jobs by MOM’s Facebook page or anything relating to Facebook as an extra entry into my giveaways? You may be thinking to yourself, “Why not? It’s a great way to gain followers!”. Okay, you probably have not noticed since I am quite new in the blogging […]

Creating a Mario Room Wall Mural Part 1: Determining Scale and Creating Stencils

My husband has been fan of  Super Mario Bros for over 25 years. So you better believe when my oldest son told us he wanted us to redo his room in a Mario theme my husband was completely gung ho for it. I just wanted to slap up some Mario decals around his room (in […]

10 Early Pregnancy Signs: Some of the Symptoms I Experienced

  If you are actively trying to conceive you probably know there is generally a two week waiting period from ovulation before you are supposed to start testing for pregnancy. Pfft…who wants to wait that long? When I was trying to conceive I would start taking pregnancy tests as soon as could. I knew that […]

5 Ways to Relieve Stress: Are Your Kids Making You Go Crazy?

 Do your children ever make your head feel like it’s going to just crack in half if you have to repeat yourself one more time? I am constantly saying things like “Stop touching your brother”, “Can you please calm down”, “Stop doing that”, “Can you please be quiet”…the list could go on and on. Home […]

Start a Blog from Scratch: How I Built My Blog in 26 Days

Do you like writing? I do! I’ve always had a thing for writing. I know I am not the best writer in the world but it is something that I truly enjoy (which I think is the most important thing). After all, it is always good to do something you enjoy otherwise you’re in for […]