5 Things To Think About Before Renovating Your Bathroom

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Renovating your bathroom can be an exciting task with fresh colors, updated materials, cooler aesthetic designs and new products. Sometimes it can even give you the feeling of a completely renovated house. But even the most experienced DIYer will tell you that there is a lot to think about when dealing with a bathroom reno or any renovation really.

Whether you are doing a complete renovation, or just giving your bathroom a minor update, here are some things to consider before you even start.

Planning Is Key

Careful planning is the key to any renovation. Being realistic about your budget from the beginning will help keep the project moving forward in a timely manner. Understanding exactly how much you have to spend will dictate your product choices and lead you on a path you can follow and afford.

Those who are working on a strict budget should compile a list of ‘essentials’ and a list of ‘fads’. Essentials like having decent storage and proper ventilation are things that should be in the budget, while things like heated towel rails can be put on the back burner.

The Toilet Dilemma

Did you know that moving the toilet is the most expensive plumbing work in the house (along with moving the kitchen sink)? Retrofitting can be a great option for the budget conscious renovator. This means that you will most likely have to use existing plumbing points, which can affect everything – from the size of the bath you choose to whether your shower has to be a walk-in or corner one.

If you are wanting to add an extra toilet in the basement, things can be even more difficult. This is because, in many instances, your basement may lack a drain line near where you want the toilet installed. Luckily, there is an easy solution to this problem if you absolutely need a toilet for your basement: install an upflush toilet. They don’t require an accessible drain line and can be added anywhere without tearing up part of your home. Score!

If you are working with a bigger budget, a complete renovation of your bathroom can be a better option because you will have more flexibility in bathroom design and choosing the products you want to install.

Selecting Bathroom Products

When selecting products, start with the largest first as they may dictate other options. For example, selecting a vanity dictates whether your sink must be embedded or placed over the counter, which in turn influences what type of faucet you can choose. You get the idea.

Depending on the extent of the renewal, understand the task order will help you manage your budget and time expectations.

Make Cleaning Part of the End Vision

There are many ways to make sure your bathroom is low maintenance. Opt for a ‘wet’ bathroom style. Where the shower is open and is strategically placed behind a wall, eliminating the need for glass doors. Those just get covered in mildew anyway.

If you prefer traditional showers, go for an unframed option and avoid aluminum, which is a magnet for dirt. The installation of a hand shower can also make cleaning WAY easier.

No Plumber No Warranty

Plumbing is not a DIY job and it should always be left to the experts. A non-plumber can quickly turn a simple job into a DIY disaster. Hiring professional plumbers will make ensure everything is installed correctly. That’s something you need if you plan on using it for a while.

Planning ahead and being armed with some basic bathroom knowledge, can make the whole process run more smoothly. Hopefully, in the end, you get the bathroom of your dreams, too!

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