Benefits of Reading With Your Kids, Plus Tips!

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Reading with your kids is one of the best things you can do with them to help their development. It can help them to develop in a number of different ways, not to mention being a wonderful bonding activity for you both to enjoy. This post will fill you in on some of the benefits of reading with your kids, as well as give you some great tips to do it effectively. Enjoy!

Excel at School

When you read to your kids, especially from a very young age, they tend to excel at school. They develop all kinds of essential skills, as well as their imaginations. At Kepler Academy Preschool in Edmonton parents are encouraged to enroll their children as early as 16 weeks. While this may appear to be quite young, early childhood education research suggests that 16 weeks old is the age that a child is able to interact with an early learning curriculum that focuses on skills such as handling objects, walking, and beginner literacy.

All of these things combined help them to be model students. If you want your child to come home with A star report cards, then one of the best ways you can help them is by reading with them.

Improved Speech

Your child can easily improve their speech by listening to you read and by reading to you. They’ll practice saying different words, even if it’s just pretending. The more they get used to it, the more confident they’ll be as they learn to read and speak.

Ability to Communicate Better

If you read to your kids from a young age, you can expect them to communicate better as they grow. They might learn all kinds of new words. They’ll be able to express what they are feeling and thinking much earlier on. This will make growing up much better for them and being a parent easier for you.

Logical Thinking

As books present children will new situations and problems to be solved, it can help them with their logical thinking skills. They’ll find new ways to solve problems and be able to piece things together that they may never have even considered before. This kind of thing can help them in all aspects of their lives!

Improved Listening

As you read to your child, they might not be able to follow on the words of the book very well. That doesn’t mean they aren’t listening to you! In fact, they’ll likely be listening intently, to hear what happens in the next part of the story. If you want your child to have amazing listening skills, reading to them is one of the best ways to help.

New Experiences

New experiences can be scary for young children. Not knowing what to expect is scary for anybody, but as they are fairly new to the world, their experiences can seem even scarier. Not only that, their emotions can feel far more intense while they are young.

The smallest change can seem like the end of the world! Stories will help them to see that it’s normal for them to feel this way, and introduce them to a whole range of new experiences. If they are starting school, maybe read a book with them about somebody who is starting school. It’ll help them to ease their worries!

Better Concentration

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Reading can help your child improve their concentration, especially when they get lost in a book that they really love. It’s easy for children to flip from novelty project to novelty project, but reading gives them the opportunity to stay focused for a lot longer.

Develop a Love of Reading

One of the main benefits of reading to your child regularly is that they will develop a love of reading. This is a healthy hobby that will stay with them for years to come, well into adulthood. There are a number of incredible benefits they can enjoy from it as they age, so starting early is a wonderful idea.

Bonding Time With You

Last but not least, you and your child get to spend lots of time bonding together. As they grow, they will be into everything. As they play and learn, you likely won’t be spending as much time bonding with them. Reading can give you the opportunity to bond, even better than ever before! You’ll both benefit from reading to them in this way.

Read to Them With Enthusiasm

When reading to your child, read to them with enthusiasm. This will keep them interested and show them just how fun reading can be. If there are different characters in the story, maybe you could put on different voices to entertain them. By simply making sure you’re not reading in a monotonous voice, you’ll excite them and make them want to read more.

Have Them Read a Little Too

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This will depend on your child’s age, but as soon as they can you should have them read a little bit too. Even if they are very slow and their words don’t flow very well, it’ll be fun for them and make them more confident developing their speaking skills. You can help them along if you need to, but being patient with them is key. Soon, they’ll be reading just like you!

Get Into a Relaxing Routine

When you read to your child, make sure you get into a relaxing routine with them. You don’t want your reading time to feel rushed ever, as this stops it from being as much fun. Get into a routine where you read at the same time each night. Reading before bed can be relaxing, and is much healthier than watching TV.

Let Them Read the Same Book

Your child will likely go through a phase where they get obsessed with a certain book and want to read it over and over. Reading is supposed to be pleasurable for them, so let them do this! Eventually, they’ll move on.

Surround Them With Choice

Surround your child with choice, so they can always pick an exciting book to read. You can start building their library as early on as you like.

1/12/18 Hey there! Now you see the benefits of reading to your kids and you have some tips to get started, you have no excuse! This will be a lot of fun for the both of you and help you to strengthen your bond. Enjoy! PS My kids have always loved Magic tree House 🙂

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