4 Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids (For Any Time Of Year)

Kids are fickle creatures that get bored at the drop of the hat. If they don’t constantly have something going on, you can be sure they will be right next to you complaining about it. But, don’t worry, moms. We’ve got you covered. Here are several fun outdoor activities that you can do with your […]

3 Fun and Educational Gift Ideas For Picky Kids

Buying gifts for kids can often be a source of great stress for families, especially as they age. I’ve noticed as my son ages his likes become less and more expensive. I miss the days where he wanted everything in the toy aisle. Nowadays he can barely tell me what he likes which makes buying presents […]

It’s Cold Outside: 10 Fun Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

The weather outside is frightful, and the kids are cooped up inside. It’s too cold to go out, and all you want to do is lock the doors, pull down the blinds, and hibernate until spring. Those winter months can drag on forever when your children catch the what-can-I-do-Mom? bug, and finding a cure can […]

Top 3 Instruments That Make it Easier to Get a Scholarship

At some point, everyone is encouraged to pick up an instrument. Toddlers are handed toy tambourines, drums, and guitars. It is an admirable effort, giving every child the opportunity to appreciate one of the most precious things shared by this entire planet: music. Unfortunately, despite these attempts, only a minute few children come to develop […]