How to Make Dragon Easter Eggs

I came up with the idea of Dragon Easter Eggs because of Harry Potter. I know weird. For some reason, Norbert inspired me. He’s just so darn cute. Making Dragon Easter Eggs is easier than it sounds. It’s basically just cracking the eggs before dying them. Pretty simple, huh? Learn the ins and outs by […]

Bow Tie Pasta Angel Ornament Craft

Are you looking for a Christmas craft to do with your kids? It is amazing what you can create with just a few simple supplies. With bow tie pasta, macaroni, a wooden ball, kuskus, a thumb tack, and a few other things you can create a lovely angel ornament. How neat is that! I was […]

Advent Christmas Countdown Activity

For years now, I’ve been wanting to buy an advent calendar for my kids. A nice one. But they all were pretty expensive and so I never got to it. By the time Christmas was over and they were on sale all the nice ones had already been bought. Bah Humbug. Home Jobs By MomKrystle […]

Make Halloween Breakfast Fun & Dessert Too!

It is amazing what a black sharpie and a plastic cup can do to a normal breakfast. After I gave my son these cute little cups the next day he wondered why the food I was giving him wasn’t decorated for Halloween. Kids.  Home Jobs By MomKrystle Cook – the creator of Home Jobs by […]