How to Have a Better Work Life Balance

Are you struggling to let go of work when it’s quitting time? It’s extremely frustrating. You may feel like you never really leave the office, and that you are continually trying to find ways to relax — without any luck. The problem is, even if you do find ways to relax, you never really do. Work […]

Where to Find Data Master Management Freelance Jobs Online

The business world seems to be all about data these days. That’s where master data management comes into play. Anyone who has skills in data master management is automatically in high demand. So where can you go about getting a job in your chosen field? Here are some freelance jobs platforms you should look into. […]

Cleaning Your Home Office (Like a Kick-Ass Cleaning Lady)

A lot of people nowadays work from home, whether part time or full time as freelancers. As a result of this trend, one of the most sought-after home additions is a home office — a place where you can work peacefully and calmly without any interruptions. Naturally, these home offices require some special equipment — […]

Cleaning Your Home Office (the Dirtiest Parts)

    You spend a lot of your time in your home office — five days of the week most likely. Most of us even eat there when we have a lot of work to do (guilty!). However, have you ever wondered just how clean your office really is? If you are not a germophobe, […]

3 Tech Tools You Should be Using in Your Home-Based Business

Navigating the business world is no easy adventure, especially as a mom. Indeed, there’s a lot to explore, turbulent waves of high and low points to catch and a lot to oversee. This is especially true in today’s tech-driven environment. While you may think you’ve mapped out everything you need to at this point, have […]

Boosting Your Time Management Skills When You Work From Home

Most people have their set morning routines before going to work. For people who work from home, this can often be a little more challenging to do. The internet has meant that for many jobs we can now ditch the morning commute. Yay! Working in your PJs sounds amazing, right? But are your time management skills […]