Cat Lover Gifts PLUS an Exclusive Laurel Burch Studios Deal!

This post was created in partnership Dealspotr and Laurel Burch Studios. As always, all opinions are entirely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me! #LaurelBurch #LiveColorfully I am a BIG cat lover if you haven’t noticed. 7 Signs Your Cat is Hangry Keeping Your Cats Healthy and Safe This Autumn DIY […]

To Be the Girl with All the Gifts (Is EXACTLY What Your Mini-Me Wants!) + Giveaway!

I was once a little girl — a long time ago. I remember doing all kinds of crafts and busy work to stay entertained. Bracelets, magnets, ornaments — all kinds of things were created by my little hands. It was SO much fun! Today, there are even MORE fun things for little girls to do (they can’t […]

You’ve Always Wished You Were A Mermaid – Now You Can Be With Enchantails!

Guess what came out in theaters when I was in elementary school? The Little Mermaid!!  It was the best Disney movie of that time (by far!). That movie had every little girl wishing they were a mermaid. At school, the little girls would try to mimic Ariel’s singing voice. And at home, I would literally tie […]

The Rise of an Electric Skateboard: What’s with All the Hype?

The idea of an electric skateboard has enticed humanity for quite a while. Despite the first models of this device being noisy, smelly, and overall awful, people haven’t given up on them. This resulted in the creation of the modern power board, which gradually takes its place at the top of rideable gadgets list with […]

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Man

Without a doubt, Father’s Day gifts are some of the hardest gifts to shop for. Most men don’t give a lot of hints about what they want. Just like children, their tastes may also change in short periods of time. Men tend to buy what they are interested in and not give anyone a chance […]

Worth it Gifts for Girls

This shop provided a sample of the product for review. All opinions are mine alone. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me! #SmitCoLLC Starting around three years old, little girls want to be big girls. They see their mothers, sisters, and grandmas painting their toes and fingernails and it looks like loads of fun. […]