Helping Depression and Anxiety with CBD Oils

Over 40 million adults suffer from anxiety disorders in the United States—myself included. Then to top it off, many of the same people — over 300 million worldwide also suffer from depression. It’s a double whammy. Treatment for these disorders typically include things like therapy and prescription medications. However, if you are wanting to skip the antidepressants and […]

Good News for Rheumatoid Arthritis Suffers

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic illness that springs from an autoimmune disorder. It develops when a person’s own immune cells mistakenly attack their normal synovial joint fluid. Such attacks can lead to really painful inflammations. This can lead to permanent joint damage especially if left untreated. Did you know about 1.5 million people have rheumatoid […]

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone: Get the Alcohol Treatment You Need

Alcoholism is a common issue in today’s society. It’s no wonder with the availability of alcohol and society’s acceptance of binge-drinking these days. This kind of environment can easily let someone tumble down a slippery slope into a state of depressed alcoholism. Should this apply to you, know that support is out there and that […]

Dear Mom – A Letter About Growing Up with an Alcoholic Mother

Dear Mom, Did you know… Growing up with an alcoholic mother was not the highlight of my childhood. I was actually quite embarrassed by the whole situation so I never revealed it to even my closest friends. I was afraid of being looked down upon. It wasn’t my fault but I have a big complex […]

Identifying the Signs of Alcoholism in Someone You Love

Alcoholism shows up in a person in different ways. It doesn’t have to be a drunken stumble or throwing plates against the wall. While these can be extreme signs—signs of alcoholism in a loved one can be subtle and undetectable. If you’re worried that a loved one may be an alcoholic, look for help from […]

How Moms of Young Children Can Access Addiction Treatment

Being a mother is a full-time job. While rewarding and meaningful, it can also be incredibly stressful and place a lot of pressure on mothers. Often, mothers are suffering in silence in order to provide a better life for their children while they put themselves in harm’s way to try and relieve some pain or […]