No More Fad Diets: 4 Ways to Lose Weight That Really Work

It’s a New Year and many people are looking to drop a few pounds in order to be healthier or fit better into their favorite outfits. I know I am. However, with so many fad diets floating around, it’s hard to know what methods really work. Below you will find weight loss principles that have […]

Weight Loss Strategies You Should Never Do

When people decide they need to lose weight, they can sometimes take things a little too far. They’d do anything to lose a few pounds. No matter what weight you begin with, you need to be careful with how you try to lose it. There are a lot of dangerous strategies that people use, simply […]

3 Reasons Vegetables Help You Lose Weight (and Live Longer)

Pretty much everyone knows that if they want to enjoy great health, they need to eat a diet that’s rich in fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. When your mom told you to eat your veggies, she was doing so for a reason. The right vegetables in your diet can do everything from preventing chronic […]

5 Tips On How To Use Meal Replacement Shakes Correctly

Using Meal Replacement Shakes To Lose Weight Meal replacement shakes are a great supplement to use for weight loss. They typically contain enough essential nutrients needed to replace any meal and keep you feeling full for at least 3 hours. Nevertheless, before you start using meal replacement shakes as a weight loss strategy, find out […]