8 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga Plus Tips

As the health and fitness industry has evolved over the years many women have discovered the numerous benefits of staying healthier during a pregnancy — it makes recovery go more smoothly after giving birth. Because of this, there has been a strong push for things such as prenatal yoga in the last decade. Yoga has […]

No More Fad Diets: 4 Ways to Lose Weight That Really Work

It’s a New Year and many people are looking to drop a few pounds in order to be healthier or fit better into their favorite outfits. I know I am. However, with so many fad diets floating around, it’s hard to know what methods really work. Below you will find weight loss principles that have […]

You’re Doing It Wrong: Retrain Your Eating Habits This Way

One of the hardest things is deciding on which diet program to use. With the wide array of plans out there, it takes careful consideration to find one that will work for you. Something else that is hard is changing one’s relationship with food. That’s right – we all have a relationship with food. We […]

Weight Loss Strategies You Should Never Do

When people decide they need to lose weight, they can sometimes take things a little too far. They’d do anything to lose a few pounds. No matter what weight you begin with, you need to be careful with how you try to lose it. There are a lot of dangerous strategies that people use, simply […]

3 Reasons Vegetables Help You Lose Weight (and Live Longer)

Pretty much everyone knows that if they want to enjoy great health, they need to eat a diet that’s rich in fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. When your mom told you to eat your veggies, she was doing so for a reason. The right vegetables in your diet can do everything from preventing chronic […]

5 Tips On How To Use Meal Replacement Shakes Correctly

Using Meal Replacement Shakes To Lose Weight Meal replacement shakes are a great supplement to use for weight loss. They typically contain enough essential nutrients needed to replace any meal and keep you feeling full for at least 3 hours. Nevertheless, before you start using meal replacement shakes as a weight loss strategy, find out […]