Cleaning Tips for Those with a Dust Allergy

You keep cleaning, wiping, dusting, sweeping and vacuuming, but can’t really get rid of the dust. Sounds familiar, we know. No matter how often or how well you clean, dust somehow is always there. This is especially bad if you have a dust allergy. Of course, it might be somewhat less resistant to professional cleaning, […]

5 Situations Where Hiring A Home Expert Will Save You Money

For many homeowners, it may seem like a great idea to remodel your home DIY style. I know we all have those moments where we think the sense of accomplishment and pride is worth it.  It’s usually not. I mean—it’s a great chance to boost your skills and creativity, but at what costs? Completing a […]

Taking a Preventative Approach to Common Household Bugs and Pests

It’s easy to imagine that you don’t have a problem. And it really doesn’t even matter which particular subject this idea touches on. We all have a tendency to ignore elements of life that might become upsetting in the future. It’s often easier to ignore that something might become a problem than to face up […]

4 Hidden Home Remodel Costs you Aren’t Aware of

Home improvement should mean just that—a way to improve the way your home looks, feels and works for you. The problem is, once you get a project underway, it almost always seems to be more expensive than you thought. So exactly how do the home remodel costs always seem to get out of line? Check […]

Home Office Inspiration: A Look Into My Part-time Guest Room Full-time Office

This post was created in partnership with Trustech, Plantscape Inc, and Canvas On The Cheap. As always, all opinions are entirely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me! When I first started working at home, I didn’t have an office (and I guess technically I still don’t). Back then I usually […]

Creating a Workspace That Will (Almost) Make You Want to Work

More and more people are choosing to strike out on their own and start their own businesses working from home. In many cases, even if you are working for an outside company, there are more options to work from home. My husband used to have a sweet job where he almost always worked from home. […]