DIY Plumbing Advice For Your Family Home

It is easy to overlook home basics like plumbing with all the craziness of trying to make meals and plan activities for the kiddos. Meanwhile, your work keeps piling up too.  It seems like the only time we turn our attention to our house’s plumbing is, well, when it’s not working. That’s usually all we have […]

DIY Dilemmas: Three Easy Ways To Prevent Painting Mishaps

DIYing is a messy business, especially if paint is involved. If you are not careful, you will end up with paint everywhere, and on everything. Paint is one of the worst substances to clean up. Water-based paints are, in theory, easier to clean up than oil-based paints, but don’t expect your carpets to look pristine […]

Keeping Your Family Safe: Know the Top Causes of Home Fires

Home fires are a terrible thing which can end up costing you your whole house and possibly your life. Something no one wants to happen. That’s why it pays to know what the leading sources of fires are. You can then make sure your home is up to code and minimize the chances of a […]

Traveler’s Checklist: Keeping Your Home Safe When You Are Gone

Traveling should be a fun experience, not something that gives you stress and anxiety. You shouldn’t be worrying whether or not you locked the front door. You should be sipping a cocktail on the beach relaxing! Thoughts like that can be a total disaster and can ruin your vacation. That’s where we come in. Here […]