12 Home Decor Tips PLUS Room Inspiration

Interior decorators may be able to decorate your home gorgeously, but their fee can be outrageous. Not everyone has the budget to get a professional interior decorator on their team. However, your limited budget and lack of professional guidance from a decorator shouldn’t prevent you from having a perfectly stunning home. To make it easy […]

New Year’s Resolution Guide to Year Long Home Maintenance

Maybe this is the year to go on an adventure or take a business risk. Perhaps you’ve decided to cook healthier foods or save more money. The beginning of the new year is an opportunity for improvement, from spending more time with the family to elevating your career. But for many on-the-go busy working moms, […]

How to Choose a Pendant Lighting for Your House

Pendant lights are a perfect way of adding more light to your home without using up floor space. Because of their popularity, there are all kinds of pendant lights to choose from. A homeowner will easily get overwhelmed when trying to choose the perfect fixture for their space. In this article, we will simplify the […]

Cleaning Tips for Those with a Dust Allergy

You keep cleaning, wiping, dusting, sweeping and vacuuming, but can’t really get rid of the dust. Sounds familiar, we know. No matter how often or how well you clean, dust somehow is always there. This is especially bad if you have a dust allergy. Of course, it might be somewhat less resistant to professional cleaning, […]

5 Situations Where Hiring A Home Expert Will Save You Money

For many homeowners, it may seem like a great idea to remodel your home DIY style. I know we all have those moments where we think the sense of accomplishment and pride is worth it.  It’s usually not. I mean—it’s a great chance to boost your skills and creativity, but at what costs? Completing a […]

Taking a Preventative Approach to Common Household Bugs and Pests

It’s easy to imagine that you don’t have a problem. And it really doesn’t even matter which particular subject this idea touches on. We all have a tendency to ignore elements of life that might become upsetting in the future. It’s often easier to ignore that something might become a problem than to face up […]