12 Home Decor Tips PLUS Room Inspiration

Interior decorators may be able to decorate your home gorgeously, but their fee can be outrageous. Not everyone has the budget to get a professional interior decorator on their team. However, your limited budget and lack of professional guidance from a decorator shouldn’t prevent you from having a perfectly stunning home. To make it easy […]

How to Choose a Pendant Lighting for Your House

Pendant lights are a perfect way of adding more light to your home without using up floor space. Because of their popularity, there are all kinds of pendant lights to choose from. A homeowner will easily get overwhelmed when trying to choose the perfect fixture for their space. In this article, we will simplify the […]

How to Give Your Room a Retro 70’s Look

Are you still in love with the 70’s look? Let’s take your love to the next level and change your room to a retro 70’s room. Here are a few simple things that you can change, and your room will get the colorful retro look you long for. Color Pop Chair Does your room have […]

6 Ways to Perk Up Your Pad

Homes in magazines always look so posh, it makes looking at your own furniture seem a bit sad. Rest assured you don’t have to throw everything out in order to make your home chic. Instead, here are some simple ways to make little improvements for big results. 1. Clean Your Space When you really analyze […]

From Page To Wall: Turning A Love Of Art Into Amazing Home Decoration

A love of creation is a beautiful thing. Through creativity, we find an outlet for our innermost thoughts and feelings. You only have to look to artists of the past to see how much creativity can help you communicate with the world. But, many of us fail to use our creativity to its full potential. […]

4 DIY Projects That Are Perfect For Spring

Spring is coming and you know what that means! Bright colors and the perfect weather to enjoy a nice day out with loved ones! It may also mean the annual spring cleaning, where it’s time to spruce up your home with little creations to make it brighter and homey. Home projects don’t need to cost […]