3 Simple Ways To Motivate Your Children To Do Their Homework

Children are very dynamic creatures. They are sometimes difficult to convince to do things they do not want to do. The same thing happens when you want them to stop doing something you don’t want them to. Go figure. But there is one trick that drives kids crazy in a positive way and can get […]

6 Tips for Helping Your Child with ADHD While Keeping Your Cool

To say that trying to assist a child suffering from ADHD is difficult would be quite the understatement. Between tantrums, restless nights and the general exhaustion that comes with parenting such a child, there’s also the lingering sense of helplessness. We love our children, which is all the more reason to find new ways to […]

Stress-Busting Tips for Working Moms

Being a mom is stressful. Whether you stay at home, work at home or go out to work, trying to juggle your children’s needs with your own responsibilities and commitments can sometimes seem impossible. If you do choose to return to work while your children are young, you face a steep learning curve where you […]

It’s All in the Planning: How to Enjoy Traveling With Kids

The thought of taking your kids on vacation might bring back a few painful memories. You know those disastrous trips of the past that have you worrying about how they might cope and behave on a forthcoming vacation. It doesn’t have to be tough to travel with kids. All you have to do is plan […]