How Busy Moms Can Find ‘Alone Time’

Working moms are always busy, and busy moms are always short on time!  There’s always something in the schedule we have to do, either at home or at work. We can hardly find a work-life balance, let alone squeezing in some ‘alone time’. To be honest, it would be a task in itself. Week after […]

4 Household Chores That You Can Secretly Get Your Teenagers To Do

Teenagers may have varied personalities, but share similar characteristics due to the biological state they are in. They want to be independent, they are risk-seeking, extroverted and quite idealistic. However, the most prominent character teenagers commonly have and which most parents complain about is laziness. They tend to live in a strange world and speak […]

Why Daycares are Important for Child Development

Daycares have been around for quite some time. You probably went to one as a child or know someone who did. Initially, daycares were seen as a service for working parents. They needed a safe place to drop off their kids so they could work. Under professional caregivers in a healthy environment fit the bill. […]

8 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga Plus Tips

As the health and fitness industry has evolved over the years many women have discovered the numerous benefits of staying healthier during a pregnancy — it makes recovery go more smoothly after giving birth. Because of this, there has been a strong push for things such as prenatal yoga in the last decade. Yoga has […]

Fun Ways to Get Teens Involved in DIY Home Projects

It can be difficult to engage teenagers in family activities and DIY Home Projects when they seem to be wrapped up in their own, busy lives. However, there may be entry points for them to get involved when you are improving or renovating your home. From drawing up designs to receiving rewards, your teen will […]

Best Time to Get Pregnant in Medical School: A Guide on Where to Start

It’s no secret that getting yourself through medical school can be like attending boot camp. There are huge demands on your time for studying and residency hours, not to mention the costs involved. Though coping with all of this might be tough enough, what if you also added pregnancy to the mix? Is it possible […]