3 Easy Ways to Have Healthy Teeth as a Teenager

When puberty hits, your child will undergo several physiological changes. This is also a period in which your child is able to venture out and form valuable relationships. Self-confidence plays a big part in this phase of development as your child begins to transition into adulthood. For this, having good dental health is very important, […]

4 Household Chores That You Can Secretly Get Your Teenagers To Do

Teenagers may have varied personalities, but share similar characteristics due to the biological state they are in. They want to be independent, they are risk-seeking, extroverted and quite idealistic. However, the most prominent character teenagers commonly have and which most parents complain about is laziness. They tend to live in a strange world and speak […]

Fun Ways to Get Teens Involved in DIY Home Projects

It can be difficult to engage teenagers in family activities and DIY Home Projects when they seem to be wrapped up in their own, busy lives. However, there may be entry points for them to get involved when you are improving or renovating your home. From drawing up designs to receiving rewards, your teen will […]

3 Deadly Games Your Teen Drivers Might Be Playing

With friends, cell phones, texting and chatting causing distractions, parents have enough to worry about when their teens start driving.  Distracted driving used to be the primary concern for parents when their teens first received a driver’s license. Drugs and alcohol were also high on the list. Unfortunately, while schools and driver’s education instructors still […]

5 Reasons You Should Prepare Your Teen for a Car Crash

Being involved in a car crash is a traumatic event for anyone but can throw a teen driver into a state of panic. It is a great idea to begin preparing them for the proper way to handle a motor vehicle accident Accidents Can Happen In All Weather Conditions It is true that accidents occur […]

Should Parents Use Uber For Their Children?

Imagine a scenario where you need to get your child somewhere, but are physically incapable of driving them yourself. You’re probably running a million different alternatives through your mind. Do you call your parents, reach out to friends, or tell your child they can’t go? If all else fails, you can actually just call an […]