Wedding Tips: How Planning In Advance Diminishes Factor X

Alanis Morrisette may not truly understand irony, but there’s definitely one condition listed in her famous song that could have been prevented: “It’s like rain…on your wedding day.” Here’s how to keep that from ever happening: get married inside! Now, if you want to challenge the elements and get married out-of-doors, excellent! And if it […]

Make Your Event Less Eventful and Use a Caterer

Whether you are hosting a budget baby shower, themed party, or throwing the biggest bash of the century your event will require food. Yes, it is cheaper to make your own party food and snacks but then you run the risk of things going awry. KrystleKrystle Cook – the creator of Home Jobs by MOM – put her […]

Party Planning Tips: Top Tips to Unleash Your Inner Party-Planning Diva

You know those moms who look like they could have planned Kate Middleton’s wedding ceremony in a 24-hour notice, no sweat? Their kid’s birthday parties always include catered food that fit perfectly with the overall theme, and then they send your child home with a gift bag containing more items than your child received on […]

Buy a Dress for your Courthouse Wedding! And Take Pictures!!

On September 5th of this month my sister in law married her high school love at the local courthouse. Even though it was a courthouse wedding she still wanted some of the traditional elements of weddings in other venues. KrystleKrystle Cook – the creator of Home Jobs by MOM – put her psychology degree on […]