ZenWise Labs Ultra-15 #Probiotic Review

I take fiber and probiotics almost religiously. First thing in the morning while getting my boys ready for school I take out all their lunch stuff from fridge including my probiotic. I start warming up the coffee maker while making their lunch. Once lunch is packed and ready to go I add in a few teaspoons […]

#ActivLifeProbiotic Review

Many people today have tummy issues. Some people are clogged up (me, me, me) while others can’t keep from going. These problems usually have to deal with diet and other health problems like IBS or lactose tolerance. Whatever the problem may be taking a probiotic like ActivLife Probiotic daily can help. ActivLife Probiotic can help your body digest […]

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Review

  I don’t know what it is about mosquitos and me. They just LOVE me. I can’t go into my grandmother’s backyard or most places outdoors without being bit. The same goes for my oldest son while on the other hand my husband and youngest son rarely join in on that fun. Lucky them! Home Jobs […]

Natural Dynamix Kids Gummy Cuties Multivitamins Review

  My boys are sometimes not the best eaters in the world. Especially my youngest son. Here lately he pretty much only wants to eat one of three things: macaroni and cheese, pasta with alfredo sauce, or cereal. I always try to make him eat something healthy with it but there’s only so much nutrition […]

Hyperbiotics PRO-15 Advanced Strength Probiotic Review

  There is some debate among scientists how just how helpful probiotics are to our overall health. Some say certain strains of bacteria are better than others and that you should always know what type of bacteria you are ingesting. Don’t just see the would probiotic or Lactobacillus on the label and think you are […]

Wrist Blood Pressure vs. Upper Arm + Santamedical Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Review

  Back in October my grandfather all of sudden started having sudden blood pressure spikes and extreme dips. Like scary crazy. After a few ER visits and a hospital stay we learned the culprit ended up being a new medication. This medication depleted his sodium levels which had a great effect on his blood pressure. […]