4 Ways to Clean Your Drains Naturally

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4 Ways to Clean Your Drains Naturally

Virtually, every homeowner has probably experienced the hassle of having a clogged drain. Sure, it’s easy to reach for the harsh chemicals that are marketed for cleaning drains, but there is another way. Using natural products that you probably already have around the house is another option. In fact, by using these methods regularly you might actually be able to reduce the number of times you need to call a plumber. However, if your drain does become seriously blocked, it’s a good idea to call a Surrey drain cleaning service to do the work for you, so you don’t cause any further damage.

Hot Water

hot water for 4 Ways to Clean Your Drains Naturally

One of the best preventative methods is actually the simplest: hot water. Simply run some hot water through each sink once or twice per week to help loosen buildup and help it flush safely away. Do this to all of your sinks, including your laundry sink, kitchen, and all bathrooms. Another advantage of this practice is that the hot water will help prevent your pipes from freezing in cold weather.

A Homemade Solution

lemons for cleaning drains

A homemade solution made from common everyday household solutions can also be very useful too. Simply sprinkle a small amount of regular baking soda into your sink and follow up with ¼ to ½ a cup of plain white vinegar or lemon juice. Don’t use the bottled lemon juice; fresh will work better. Let the mixture work for about an hour and then rinse out the drain with hot water. Another choice is to use salt instead of the vinegar or lemon juice. Add the baking soda and salt together and let it sit overnight. Overnight, the solution will work to loosen debris and buildup from the pipes. In the morning, rinse the residue away.

Choose Green

If you do opt for commercial products, be a smart shopper. Look for “green” products that are made with eco-conscious products that will not negatively impact the environment. Some products contain very harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, so opting for more natural products is always best.

Be Proactive

One of the best methods of unclogging a drain is to prevent it from getting clogged in the first place. Educate your family about what they should or shouldn’t put down the sink, encourage them to reduce their toilet paper use, and be sure the ladies in your family know which feminine products can be flushed down the toilet and which must be disposed of in the trash.

If despite your best efforts, your drains are still clogged, it’s best to call a plumber you trust. They have the products and tools necessary to get the job done extremely effectively. It’s always a good idea to have a trusted plumber in your corner will come in very handy in times of plumbing emergencies. You don’t want to have to scramble to find a plumber when you really need one!

What’s the worst thing you’ve flushed down the toilet?

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