Does Your Dental Plan Include Urgent Dental Care?

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Does Your Dental Plan Include Urgent Dental Care

Been suffering from a bad toothache? Putting off treatment because you’re not sure what to do without breaking the bank? Dental insurance gives decent dental coverage, but you’ll be surprised that not everything is covered especially urgent dental care.

Choosing dental insurance can be complicated. Plus, the waiting periods can be frustrating should the specific insurance carrier not cover the service until a set period of time has passed. And it can become expensive when you have to pay full price, mainly if you absolutely have to get the treatment done right away.

Well, it’s time you learn more about the benefits of getting a dental plan for any urgent dental care service you need. Dental plans offer great discounts on dental expenses and a wide network of dentists suited to your choice of treatment. Here’s how signing up for a dental plan can work to your benefit.


Depending on what kind of care you require, you can get great deals for dental insurance. You can get free quotes and compare plans meant to prevent major dental costs.

It’s a flexible option for your dental needs!

Immediate and Urgent Dental Care

Nothing is perfect. Not all plans go your way. This goes for urgent dental care emergencies. And unexpected can mean a really big bill.

With dental plans, you can get urgent treatment care fast, usually within 24 hours.

No Dental Coverage

Dental plans are best for people who are uninsured or unemployed and have pre-existing dental conditions. Too many people delay preventive treatments, even simple treatments such as cleanings or X-rays.

Delays can worsen existing dental problems like cavities, gum disease or even tooth loss. Most people think it’s expensive to get these dental issues treated.

You’ll be surprised to know that dental plans are actually cheaper than getting insurance. Don’t wait for simple dental conditions to grow worse just because you’re worried about the cost. You’ll spend even more money the more problematic it gets.


It’s all about the cost. And when it comes to needing any type of service, we all want to get savings from it. It helps to decrease monthly expenses and allows you to spend your money on more important things.

Dental care alternatives can bring in savings on any dental procedure with no annual deductible or payment. It’s a more personalized plan well within your budget and what you’ll need taken care of should the need arises, whether planned or unexpected.

It’s also good to note with dental alternatives that dental discounts don’t mean reduced quality care. You’ll find that it’s quite the contrary.

Extensive Services

With access to a wide network of dentists, you’ll have a lot of services you can benefit from. Faster processing. Reduced rates. This will depend on the type of plan you choose and the services you wish to have.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, emergency dentists offer tooth extraction and accept payment plans, offer financing and even take direct payments. Their team is available for emergencies 24 hours a day ― weekends, evenings and even holidays.

Dental plans include services such as cleaning, urgent dental care, fillings, dentures, crowns, braces and so much more!

Does Your Dental Plan Include Urgent Dental Care

Ultimately, choosing the best dental plan for you comes down to what you decide is best for your dental health to get and maintain a bright smile.

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  1. Our dentist is great and has come in on weekends and holidays due to tooth pain. We pay extra.

  2. Dana Rodriguez says:

    These are all great tips. I know all about having dental problems and emergency visits can be difficult.

  3. My hubby could use a dental plan, he don’t want one but he needs one, The last plan he had he felt they made him pay to much after a visit and he stopped the plan.

  4. I used to have dental insurance when I was younger but I have really soft teeth and now that Im in my 70’s I had all my teeth pulled – no more toothaches

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