Destress (and Relax) Care Package for Moms on the Edge

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De-Stress (and Relax) Care Package for Moms on the Edge

If you are a parent, you know raising kids is hard. It’s no walk in the park, and anyone who says it is a bundle of joy 24-7 is lying through their teeth. This is especially true when you are raising two small children in their toddler years.

De-Stress (and Relax) Care Package for Moms on the Edge

Despite their cuteness, they will use their cute little voices to demand you to do this and demand you to do that. Throw a fit because you gave them the wrong color cup or the wrong episode of My Little Pony came on TV.

You didn’t know you could ruin someone’s day by just suggesting they should put some clean clothes on, did you? Well, you totally can.

You never know what will make them go from cute and adorable to red-faced scream crying. Emotionally unstable little dictators I tell you!

Not only do you have to deal with the fun, draining logic of small children you get to deal with sibling rivalry when you have two.

It’s a blast! Totally isn’t.

You get to hear things like “I don’t want her touching that”and “He looked at me weird”. You can’t do anything for one without the other one taking offense to it.

It’s completely exhausting! 

So anyone that stays at home taking care of their children deserves a medal! I think it’s WAY harder than going to work and definitely more emotionally stressful. That’s why I came up with this care package for moms (It’s WAY more practical than a medal, right?) – this way mom can maybe take in a little time for herself and de-stress before heading back to the front lines.

Destress (and Relax) Care Package Idea

When you are a parent it is very hard to get in some me time. That’s because your children are always there demanding your attention. You can’t go to the bathroom alone and that’s pretty personal. So forget about me time unless your children are asleep.

That’s where JOHNSON’S® Baby products come in:

  • JOHNSON’S® Bedtime Baby Bath with Soothing Aromas
  • JOHNSON’S® Bedtime Lotion
  • JOHNSON’S® Calming Shampoo
In a hurry to destress? Hover over the image below to shop online right now!

These products are new and improved (inside and out!), and are perfect lulling your little ones to sleep. I remember having JOHNSON’S® products used on me when I was little, and then I used them on my boys. It’s a sweet kind of nostalgia that I’d like to be passed on to other mother’s.

De-Stress (and Relax) Care Package for Moms on the Edge

And it makes for a great bedtime routine to have, too. A nice warm bath with JOHNSON’S® Bedtime Baby Bath (and Calming Shampoo), then a gentle massage (with Bedtime Lotion), and some quiet time before sending them beddy-bye.

This bedtime routine clinically proven to help your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Mom win!

De-Stress (and Relax) Care Package for Moms on the Edge

Now with 50% fewer ingredients and 100% gentle (free of parabens and phthalates), there’s no excuse not to use JOHNSON’S® baby products to help your little ones be clean and fresh, and GO TO SLEEP.

I conveniently snagged these at CVS. I love being able to run in and quickly grab almost anything I need without fighting a crowd! Cause we all know shopping with kids can make you want to pull your hair out sometimes.

Plus right now you can get…

Buy 1, Get 1 50% on Johnson’s Baby + Spend $20, Get $5 ExtraBucks

Other Items in the Destress Care Package

The first (and most important) step was getting a chance to actually have me time to destress (i.e. getting the kiddos to bed) but the rest of the care package is all about de-stressing mom.

There are a ton of other products you can include in a Destress (and Relax) Care Package. Just try and think from that mommy’s point of view and what would help them destress the most. I included the following for my sweet friend:

De-Stress (and Relax) Care Package for Moms on the Edge

  • a scalp massager because she loves getting her hair washed at the salon

De-Stress (and Relax) Care Package for Moms on the Edge

  • a body massager because she loves a good massage
  • a manicure gift kit (nail polish, file/buffer, toe separators) because she’s a fan of pedicures

De-Stress (and Relax) Care Package for Moms on the Edge

  • a soothing candle because it gives the perfect ambiance for relaxing

And her favorite go-to drink wouldn’t hurt either, I’m sure 😉

Is there someone in your life that could use a Destress (and Relax) Care Package like this? Stop by your local CVS Pharmacy, grab JOHNSON’S® baby products, and get that mom some much deserved me time!

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Krystle Cook – the creator of Home Jobs by MOM – put her psychology degree on a shelf and dived into a pile of diapers and dishes instead. She is a wife and mother to two rambunctious boys, sweating it out in her Texas hometown. She loves cooking, DIY home projects, and family fun activities.


  1. I love Johnson’s. The Destress (and Relax) Care Package for Moms on the Edge sounds amazing. I will consider it when I become a mom.

  2. Now this looks like such a lovely care package – I hands up want to try that candle as it is totally getting towards candle season for me!

  3. Amber Myers says:

    I know I would love getting a care package like this! How relaxing. I’ve always loved this brand. We have the shampoo in the house!

  4. These look so like something that I need to buy for my daughter. I like that they are are free of parabens.

  5. Every parent wishes that the child should sleep on time and sleep well….no midnight getting up .but reality is opposite…parents would love to do anything to help themselves and the child relax…but one got to balance out the natural and artificial ways…
    Thank you

  6. Devyani Ray says:

    I Love this idea to gift this to a new mom!!

  7. 100% agree with you that raising kids is not an easy tast and it is 24 x7. The destress care package look like a comprehensive set which include plenty of things. From Soothing aromas to lotion and calming shampoo. Johnson never fail me.

  8. Stephanie Jeannot says:

    That sounds relaxing already especially after giving the kid the wrong color cup and they start crying because its red and not yellow or because you can’t control the people who choose the content to decide to put on specific movies on demand right now which can be stressful. That bubble bath seems like it could make all the difference. especially with a candle next to you and smelling the sweet aroma of it. Yes!

  9. Yep. I definitely thinks I need this care package! That scalp massager sounds so awesome.

  10. Very nice read. My wife will love this.

  11. A scalp and body massager sound amazing! Definitely something I need to look into for myself.

  12. David Elliott says:

    Anything you can get which is a routine for your child is definitely a win. And if it has calming and soothing scents for the children, all the better. 🙂

  13. I would love to get a package like this. So many great products!

  14. That is a really good deal! My niece uses these products, time to stock up!

  15. I am planning to gift this care package to one of my friend this looks quiet good lots of great product. Thanks for sharing this.

  16. i am not a mom but I could use this package too. No you moms deserve it more and this is a wonderful care package to unwind when you can.

  17. I have that Johnson and Johnson scent for my son for his bath-time before bed as well! I love the scent of it and he does too! I should definitely look into getting the candle and other ideas for myself to relax, great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Without a doubt, this is a nice care package for any mother.

  19. I’m using this brand also.. very nice smell.. my kids love it.. great product… great package…

  20. Love this focus on mom!!

  21. kathy pease says:

    I like to listen to music to relax. A hot bubble bath also does the trick.

  22. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    This destressing kit sounds wonderful for new moms. I can relax with an adult beverage and a good book while relaxing on my bed or by having a nice message.
    I used Johnsons baby products on my two girls and I used them on myself also.

  23. I’m laughing at your post, so cute and so true about kids!! For normal stress, if I can stop and look at a magazine or cookbook for a few minutes that is a help. For major stress at home, I use a lavender candle – if anyone had told me it would help destress, I wouldn’t have believed it, but it works good! The products sound so nice, I’d like to get them for part of a gift basket.

  24. Oh Wow. How cute are they!! I have been looking for some new family friendly cents for the kids!

  25. shannon fowler says:

    This sounds like a great idea for relaxation. I workout to help deal with my stress, and we also started taking ballroom dance as a couple which really helps. We also go to Disney quite a bit since we live close. Its amazing how relaxing that can be.

  26. Kim Pincombe-Cole says:

    Candles are a must for relaxation for me. And a hot shower 🚿

  27. I like to listen to music to relax. I also like to light candles.

  28. I like to relax by taking nice, long hot showers. I also like to get massages but they are expensive.

  29. Burning a soothing candle while taking a hot bath and reading a good book helps to relax me. Right now with our house in remodel, I find myself turning into a prune on a daily basis!

  30. I find a really hot bath relaxing – if I can keep the kiddo out of the tub! Otherwise coloring or listening to instrumental music.

  31. Daniel Parker says:

    You know what gets me relaxed? Hanging out at home with my wife! Though I’m sure these would help too!

  32. I remember getting something like this when I had my 3rd son. Those are perfect scents for relaxation

  33. Christina Gould says:

    Things that help me relax are reading and playing on the computer. I like to read blogs when I’m trying to relax. Thanks for posting!

  34. I loved Johnson’s bedtime bath and lotion when mine were babies! It really does help them relax and sleep better, and it smells amazing!

  35. Rebecca W says:

    I love to take long, hot baths! My hubby will take care of the kids and let me have some quiet time.

  36. I love being outside in nature to relax. And prayer is always helpful to deal with stress!

  37. What helps me relax is having a drink or two haha! Also, bubble baths, and snacks.

  38. Mya Murphy says:

    This sounds amazing for moms!! I like relaxing by going fishing..

  39. I enjoy relaxing by doing yoga in the morning and taking a bath at night. It’s so important to take time for self care!

  40. Jamie Wilmer says:

    This sounds like a great care package for both mom’s and their children. I am not a mother but it sounds like being a mom is totally stressful job.

  41. Jamie Wilmer says:

    Things that help me to relax are exercising and watching tv. Also listening to music as well.

  42. Jodi Hunter says:

    I like a nice bubble bath and a good book. I also like a nice glass of wine.

  43. Antoinette M says:

    A hot bubble bath helps me to relax. Sometimes I will take a stroll through the neighborhood and that seems to help me destress,too.

  44. Oh this sounds so nice! I love things that smell like lavender! When I need to relax I like doing mindfulness. Or I will listen to music, okay my ukelele or piano 🙂

  45. Sandy Klocinski says:

    Take a deep breath. Hold it for a moment, and then exhale.

  46. Brittany Potter says:

    A quiet stroll through my neighborhood seems to help me destress. It’s just so peaceful.

  47. What a great gift idea for a new mom. I know I would have really loved it.

  48. Cat Horning says:

    We have a nightly ritual of watching a couple of episodes of House Hunters, then sitting for 20 minutes in the hot tub, then heading to bed. I can’t get to sleep without it!

  49. I like to relax by taking off my shoes and putting on comfy clothes. Then, once the kids are in bed, I can sit in my chair and catch up on reading, or tv shows, or social media. 🙂

  50. After putting kids to bed, I would use these products myself to relax. Would love to have it in a candle.

  51. Connie McCullough says:

    Candles are one of my favorite relaxation tools, and light classical music goes with the candles perfectly!

  52. Michele McDonnell says:

    I used Johnson & Johnson on my son 29 yrs ago and I absolutely love them and their products, I even used it on myself…lol. Right now I use listening to music & playing online games to relax from the day but, I still don’t get much sleep as I have severe insomnia. Thankfully my son has grown but now I have grandchildren and a small niece. I also would give this as a gift for my small niece and my older niece’s step sister who is pregnant now and I think it will do some good for her down the road.

  53. Michellle says:

    I have always used Johhson n Joshson’s products started 30 plus yrs ago with my first baby and I am now all these years later using again,Only the new great wonderful products you have came out with are unbelievable!!! Love them all I use them on my Grand Baby I am raising an ever once in awhile I will use them myself the Lavender is my most FAVORITE!!! Keep up the Great work J&J!!!!!!!

  54. Kim BookJunkie says:

    Nothing helps me relax more than a bubble bath. Sadly, I don’t have a bath so I listen to music!

  55. Chasta howes says:

    The most relaxing is taking a drive or walk by myself to clear my head. I also find bubble baths very relaxing

  56. Ayana Pendergrass says:

    When I come home from a long day of work, I love to unwind by doing a little yoga. Then afterward, I take a nice hot bath with my favorite essential oils (eucalyptus, chamomile, yiang yiang).

  57. If you’re doing it right, it can definitely have it’s challenges. Nothing amazing is easy, and being a parent is definitely amazing. I love Johnson’s too, and destressing time!

  58. Karen Elaine Stanley says:

    I am a Grandmother of 3 and I have a supply of Johnson Destress and Relax products- Helps my Grandchildren to sleep through the night and I use it after my Grand children go home I need it and it works

  59. kathy pease says:

    I like to relax by taking a hot bubble bath. Sometimes listening to audiobooks relaxes me also.

  60. A good book helps me relax. I also relax by taking a nap. I didn’t used to like naps but I find myself enjoy them..short ones.

  61. Charles Freeman says:

    Working out on the tread mill or gym. Also a nice glass of chilled scotch.

  62. Wendy Starnes says:

    A hot foot soak and a complete pedicure from my AWESOME Husband!

  63. A soothing candle is really helpful when you are taking a bath. Good suggestion!

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