Do You Have Difficulty Swallowing Vitamins? Superior Source MicroLingual Vitamins Got Your Back!

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Do you Have Difficulty Swallowing Vitamins, superior source, dissolvable pills

At some point in your life, you will have to swallow some kind of pill. Children often have the luxury of getting tasty, liquid medications while us adults have to choke down our meds. I have to admit I sometimes take my children’s medications because of this. Difficulty swallowing pills and vitamins makes me yearn for easier to take forms. However, there is another way to take vitamins and still feel like an adult – Superior Source MicroLingual Vitamins.

Who is Superior Source?

Do you Have Difficulty Swallowing Vitamins, superior source, dissolvable pills

Superior Source MicroLingual Vitamins are the creators of soft-molded instant release vitamins with “Under the Tongue Technology”. Yes, so that means you just place a tablet underneath your tongue to reap its benefits. It’s that easy. No more difficulty swallowing vitamins!


Difficulty Swallowing Vitamins is a Thing of the Past

In case you didn’t know, many vitamins and supplements that need to be swallowed pass right through the digestive system without being properly absorbed. The juices in the stomach are acid after all and are meant to break down anything that enters, including vitamins. So a lot of vitamins ‘goodness’ is destroyed and lost instead of being absorbed by your body. But with Superior Source MicroLingual Vitamins everything is immediately dissolved under the tongue, straight into the bloodstream. This means results are FAST. No waiting around to maybe get some lackluster half potency vitamin.

Superior Source MicroLingual Vitamins pack a punch. Why? You get their full potency in a smaller size. Since with normal tablets you have fillers that create that oh so fun of difficulty swallowing pills magic (because of their bigger size), whereas with MicroLingual tablets you do not. Fewer fillers mean more product in a smaller size! MORE CONCENTRATION!

The size of Superior Source’s tablets is great. Not so tiny where you will lose them, but way smaller than one of those horse pills. I dare say they are the perfect size. Even their bottles are a great size. If you have ever taken other vitamins and supplements you know some of those bottles can be HUGE. But these bottles are nice and small. I probably could fit all of these into my grandfather’s vitamin D container. You know what I am talking about.

The Taste

Do you Have Difficulty Swallowing Vitamins, superior source, dissolvable pills

I have personally tried Superior Source tablets and they do dissolve fast. The funny thing I found is that I prefer their aftertaste to the actual dissolving taste. To me, the aftertaste has an orange twang to it (at least with the Pep ‘n Energy tablets). Normally, I’m the opposite and think the aftertaste is horrible but not with these!

Check out Superior Source’s Flipboard below to see what they’ve been up to lately:

Superior Source Vitamins.

And don’t forget to head on over to Amazon to purchase vitamins that instantly dissolve —> HERE

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  1. I have to check into these, I need anything I can get to help. I have MS and take a lot of medications and some are so large they get hung in my throat. That causes a terrible feeling and taste. I have to take potassium daily and they are so large, I got one hung in my throat sideways and I drank and drank and finally ate something to finally get it down. This is such a great idea. It would really help children get used to taking vitamins like this and not be afraid to try to swallow them. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I know for myself I have a hard time, even though a few of my pills don’t melt down, I do like when I am given one that does, it just makes it easier and safe for me.

  3. Some pills I have to take are so big. I put them on the back of my throat and try to swallow them with water. At my friends nursing home they give her a spoon of applesauce sometime to help her get the pills down

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