DIY Cat Food Storage Container Tutorial + Free Printable

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DIY Cat Food Storage Container Tutorial + Free Printable


When I am older my grandchildren are going to refer to me as the crazy cat lady (my husband already does). And I am perfectly fine with that! I love my cats. I currently have 4 females ranging in ages from less than a year to 12 years old. They each have their unique personalities and tendencies which I love them all the more for.

They even have their own food preferences and needs. You quickly learn if a food isn’t to their liking when there’s multiple bouts of throw up around the house or they continue to pester you even though they have a full bowl of food. Since I have 4 cats of varying ages they each have very different nutritional needs.

iams cat food

That’s why I’ve been feeding them a mixture of different IAMS™ varieties. My cats are grazers but I do try to make sure they get the proper amount of food based on their age as well. Just like I try to eat proper by portioning my food, I do this for my cats as well.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing The Beef Checkoff 30 Day Protein Challenge and so far I’ve learned that having the proper portion sizes of protein (and other essentials) benefits me greatly. I have more energy and am losing some weight without even trying. Eating right is linked to feeling great. And we want all want to feel GREAT, right!? I’ve created this handy printable to make sure you AND your furry friends are eating the right amounts.


As you can imagine having 4 cats means I go through cat food like it’s no tomorrow. I always have to have some on hand or I’ll never hear the end of it. My husband recently put built-in food bowls in our cat room. Yes, we have a cat room. It’s the room underneath the stairs where the cat’s supplies are – you know their food and litter box… with their very own private door entrance! While I love my cats having my house smell like a litter box is far from my goal. This works like a charm, but I digress.

To go with the built in cat food bowls I decided they needed a real food storage container not just the bag of food. This DIY Cat Food Storage Container is super easy to make and only takes a handful of supplies:

Cat Food Storage Container Supplies:

  • Metal Trash Can
  • Yellow Spray Paint
  • Primer
  • White Spray Paint
  • Vinyl Decals or Stickers

Cat Food Storage Container Tutorial Instructions:

*warning cats may want to “help” you with this project!

1. Buy a metal trash can.

I didn’t want a huge container because I wanted it to fit on the shelf my husband made. I found a 6-gallon trash can at Home Depot that fit the bill. Feel free to use any size trash can you want as long as it has a lid and smooth sides. The smooth sides will allow your decals or stickers to adhere better.

2. Primer the trash can.


Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and somewhere you don’t mind a little paint spatter. I only gave my Cat Food Storage Container one coat of primer. Let dry completely.

3. Spray paint the trash can.

Spray the lid with one coat of yellow spray paint (yellow is my house accent color) and the base with white spray paint.


Or use the colors of your choosing. Let dry completely.


Your furry friend won’t mind the color you choose.

4. Put on the decals or stickers.

To create my decals I used a Bosskut Gazelle Digital Die Cutting System.



If you do not have a vinyl cutter there are many places online and in craft stores where you can find stickers to fit your needs.



Your cats will want to help you out either way.

5. Fill your new Cat Food Storage Container with food.


Don’t just use any cat food, though. Have you noticed how a healthy cat is visibly happy? When my cats are sick I can tell a huge different in their look as well as their demeanor. They just lay around (more than usual) like bumps on a log and that’s not them! Their skin and coat become looser and not as shiny. But when everything is going as it should they look happy AND act happy.


IAMS™ foods include fish oil fatty acids that help give your cat a healthy coat and skin while the included beet pulp works wonders on their intestinal tract. This means they can absorb nutrients better and sustain healthy energy levels with the healthy mix of protein and carbs that are already in the food. Learn more at


Try an IAMS™ diet today and see the visible difference quality food can make in your cat. There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you have nothing to lose! I purchase mine at my local Walmart. There’s no better place for one stop shopping when you have kids in tow.

Or you can enter this Sweepstakes below for a chance to win IAMS™ for a year or Walmart eGift Cards. See, there’s really nothing to lose! Happy entering!!


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  1. I like how you upgraded the trash can. I’m pretty sure your furbabies do too, they look so happy in the storage bin. 🙂

  2. This is a cute idea. I don’t have a cat, but my Mom does. I would make this for her for the holidays. It’s a great solution to keep things cleaned up.

  3. Angela says:

    This is so adorable! I have a kitty and we buy cat food in bulk, so this idea is great to try 🙂

  4. Dana Vento says:

    Wow, this is so lovely. We need one like this for our cat! Brilliant idea!

  5. What a cute cat food container. Mine is in an old trash can and the lid just broke, so I need to make this!

  6. What a cute diy pet storage bin. I dont have any pets but this looks great for cat owners and maybe even for dog owners!

  7. This is super cute! Love the yellow lid! I could definitely use something like this for my dogs!

  8. Taylor mobley says:

    Your sweet kitty looks exactly like mine! I love siamese cats! I will definitely need to make this. Our boy is so smart and gets into everything. 🙂

  9. This is such a fun idea! And it turned out so great! Perfect to keep cat food fresh and tasty!

  10. These are great ideas! That’s super handy you came up with a printable to help cat owners. I don’t have a cat, but I know cat owners to share this with soon.

  11. Christina Aliperti says:

    This is such a great idea for storage. I hate taking the food out of a big bag so this will really help me out.

  12. Susan cooper says:

    What a cute idea! I have one of those huge Christmas popcorn cans that would be great to use for this project. 🙂

  13. Bonnie Lee says:

    Super easy and very cute! I love that I can completely customize this!

  14. I love this idea. I don’t have a cat right now, never mind multiples, but if I do get another one some day where it is allowed, I’d love to do this. It is adorable!

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