Home Renovation: DIY Projects to Tackle as a Family

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Ever run an obstacle course while simultaneously trying to herd cats, juggle flaming batons and recite the alphabet backward? Then you might have a good idea of what it’s like to take on a home renovation project while your kids are home.

It’s clumsy, messy and, at times, downright impossible. But involving your kids in a home maintenance or home remodeling project is a great way to keep an eye on them while making some much-needed updates to your home. Plus, it allows you to spend quality family time together and offers your children an outlet for all of that excess energy. Here are several DIY home improvement projects that can be fun for the whole family.

Painting the Home’s Interior

Though arming your kids with gallons of permanent paint, rollers and paintbrushes may seem like a horrifying idea at first, it can be an enjoyable exercise with moderately low risks — that is, if you cover the floor with heavy-duty drop cloths and move anything out of the room you would like to have remain its original color.

Fittingly, many kids have experience with painting, and while their proficiency may be limited to finger painting and simple brush strokes, they are still familiar with the concept and would likely enjoy the opportunity to work with such a large canvas. As long as mom or dad tapes up the baseboards and offers a quick tutorial on how to prevent dripping, then your children will love the opportunity to paint in the house without any ensuing consequences.

Removing the Carpet

Since children have an inherent fondness for destruction, the process of dismantling and helping to roll up carpet for removal will be a project in which they should naturally excel. Make sure there is an adult around to handle slicing the carpet with a box-cutter knife, then allow them full reign to pull, pry and yank the old carpet from the tack strip. If your kids are more dexterous, they can use a rubber mallet or pry bar — as long as the pint-sized wrecking crew is equipped with safety gear, like eye protectors and gloves.

Kitchen Backsplash

If more involved renovations are on your to-do list, like replacing the stove or installing a new backsplash, let the adults handle the removal of the old unit first, then allow the kids to get creative with the new backsplash. If you’ve decided on a multi-colored mosaic backsplash, for example, the kids can work together to assemble the tiles on a sheet.

It’s an activity not only replete with artistic flair, but can be completed by one child or through family teamwork. If you think they are up for it, they can even assist in tile placement and grouting the mosaic tiles to the wall. Installation of the new range will cover any “oopsies” near the bottom of the mosaic tiles, but don’t forget to cover the range itself from potential “oh-no’s” to come. Any costly or large-scale renovation, particularly those associated with a major appliance, is an investment, which means you should protect it with a trusted home warranty to cover repair or replacement costs, especially when you have children.

For home renovations and improvements you have in the works, keep in mind that it may be easier (and more fun) to involve your children in the work, rather than trying to work around them. Just remember safety comes first, and all of mommy’s little helpers should be supervised at all times to prevent mishaps and messes. Keep your children involved in the project from start to end, prep to clean-up, and those home improvement projects you have in mind could evolve from tedious to treasured memories.

What home improvement projects do your kids like to help with?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. When you’re a child going through a home renovation, it can be frustrating having to watch your step or avoid an entire room for some time. Finding safe, easy ways like this to get children involved in the process could make them feel better about having so much going on around them, especially if it’s in a room they’re used to going in and out of often.

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