Easter Treats: Nutella Muddy Carrots + Free Printable

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easter treats muddy carrots

Easter is just around the corner and I’ve been scouring Pinterest for some yummy Easter treats to make. I haven’t had a lot of time lately so something quick, easy, and cute was on the agenda. I came across Jacks & Kate’s Bunny Food and I was in love with the simplicity of it. Of course, it was adapted a bit for my picky eater of a son.

I swear my son can be such a picky eater at times. His favorite thing to do is find a food he likes and then eat it till he burns out. His current food of choice is pasta with alfredo sauce. One thing he’s never gotten burnt out on yet is pretzels (fingers crossed!). He just loves them as a snack or on the side of a sandwich.

We are big Nutella fans in this house too. One of my son’s favorite after school snacks is Nutella on toast. He loves that it’s tasty and I love that it’s super easy and quick to make. My son isn’t a peanut butter fan so this is a great alternative for us. He can almost seem vegetarian at times so it’s a great way for him to get some protein in as well.

Now combining pretzels, candy, and Nutella – he must be in heaven!

Nutella Muddy Carrots



  1. Melt orange candy melts in the microwave according to package directions. Once it’s melted transfer to a tall slender glass jar or container. You want something that’s tall enough for 3/4 of a pretzel rod to be dipped in. I found my glass jar at Hobby Lobby.
  2. Dip 3/4 of each pretzel rod into the melted candy. Lay on wax paper or a silicone baking sheet to cool. You can speed up the process by sticking them into the freezer for a few minutes.
  3. Once the orange candy has cooled dip the remaining exposed pretzel piece into the melted green candy. Immediately after covering in green candy sprinkle on the green sprinkles. Do this to all the pretzels and then let cool.
  4. Place a few in a clear treat bag, with the Nutella mini cups, and some paper Easter grass. Attach the Nutella Muddy Carrots free printable tags with straw or string.

muddy carrots

[tweetthis]Nutella Muddy Carrots are the perfect #Easter #treat for schools and daycare. Send in some protein, not just candy! [/tweetthis]

These are a super cute Easter treat that would be perfect for daycare or school parties. You won’t have to feel bad about just sending a bunch of plastic eggs with candy in them. You’ll be sending in something with a bit more substance, but equally as delicious! If your school doesn’t celebrate Easter give the kiddos a call from the Easter bunny, they’d love that too!

Do your kids have Easter parties at school?


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  1. These are too creative and cute, I love this idea. Thank you for sharing and Happy Easter!

    • I hope you had a happy Easter as well! I thought they were pretty cute as well 😉

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