3 Fun and Educational Gift Ideas For Picky Kids

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Buying gifts for kids can often be a source of great stress for families, especially as they age. I’ve noticed as my son ages his likes become less and more expensive. I miss the days where he wanted everything in the toy aisle. Nowadays he can barely tell me what he likes which makes buying presents a pain.

Another part of the difficulty lies in finding something that they will genuinely enjoy yet is relatively educational. This can be quite a predicament! But with the right approach, it can actually be easy and fun. Here are a few gift ideas that will satisfy all needs – theirs and yours. 

Classes, Camps, And Activities

Most people think of presents as a physical object of some kind. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case. The truth is they can be all sorts of things. One thing that is likely to go down pretty well with your child is buying them a class or activity to attend.

Think about what your child enjoys doing and go from there. Some of my top choices for my kids have been swimming lessons, Seaworld camps, Play-Well TEKnologies, and art classes.

This is a great gift idea because it gives them a chance to do something they truly love but at the same time benefits them. If possible, you might even consider letting them do some trial classes. This is a popular option for things like karate and gymnastics. This way they can choose between their favorites and you will know they like it BEFORE you pay.


If you want to get them something that will encourage more writing and old fashion communication, then buying fine stationery is a great way to go. I know it doesn’t sound that exciting at first. Trust me, depending on how its made they just might love it. You can find stationery which is both personalized and actually quite special these days.

Get them away from social media and talk them into making a pen pal. Perhaps, they have a friend that will be moving away soon or have long distant family they are gravely missing. Or maybe they have a special circumstance and want to connect with like-minded people. Write them!

Science Kits

Who doesn’t love a good experiment? Discovering how things work and why is always fun. This is an option which all kids love, no matter what age they are. You could invest in a decent science laboratory for your child. These come in a wide variety of sizes and types, and you will probably find that they are generally quite affordable too.

Just make sure that you buy them one appropriate for their age, as the quality varies widely depending on their intended age of use. If you shop around a little, you should find the perfect match. I’ve had success with Discover With Dr. Cool and Snap Circuits. My boys love them!

Gift Ideas For Picky Kids, Gift Ideas Kids, educational Gift Ideas, educational Gifts, educational gift ideas for boys, educational gift ideas for kids

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  1. Bryan Vice says:

    Very very helpful thank you so much ! my kids are really picky lol

    • We’ve got one of those picky ones and it has taken me a while to finally think outside of the box in order to please them. ha!

  2. These are good ideas! Not the usual. You still have to suss them out if they would be interested or not. I would have liked art lessons, as I was into art, but my parents were paying for private English horseback riding lessons, at a fancy place, for years, very expensive, but loved it.

  3. Paula Pennachio says:

    These are great ideas for a couple kids I know

  4. (3 Fun and Educational Gift Ideas For Picky Kids) My second oldest son took a karate class years ago when the school said that he had ADD (which they turned out to be wrong about) He really liked taking that class a lot.

    • I’m glad your son enjoyed karate. My oldest tried karate when he was 3. He hated it because he didn’t like that they made you yell lol. We found this very funny since he was never quiet usually.

  5. Great ideas as always! My sons loved science kits when they were little! Now one of them is pursuing a degree in bio-medicine! He said it was those science kits that piqued his interest!

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