How You Can Lower Electric Bills In The Winter

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Every time there is a cold and harsh winter, homeowners respond by staying indoors and turning up the heat. Can you blame them? Unfortunately, cranking up the furnace and blasting space heaters all day can result in some hefty electric bills. 

The winter cold creeps inside because of air drafts brought in by windows and doors that are made of low-quality materials. According to Natural Resources Canada, fenestration products like windows account for approximately 25% of the total heat loss for the average Canadian home. Stats are very similar everywhere.

There is an alternative to running heating appliances at all hours that can help homeowners save money. The solution to this frustrating winter problem involves getting energy-efficient windows and doors. It’s that simple!

Get A Home Energy Audit

If you’re not sure whether your windows and doors are ineffective, you can pay for an energy audit to confirm your suspicions.

You can also do your own inspection by holding a smoking match near a window or door. If the smoke moves away from the window or door, air is leaking through. Another sign that your windows are in desperate need of a replacement is when you can see condensation between window panes.

Get To The Root Of The Problem

When windows and doors don’t shield a house from the cold, homeowners compensate for the cold by using their heating appliances. The dependency on heating appliances will run up a homeowner’s electric bills and will neglect the underlying issue that the windows and doors need to be replaced. Trust me I know. We’ve had to deal with -20 degree temperatures in the past. The result was crazy expensive electric bills.

If a homeowner gets rid of their inefficient windows and doors and replaces them with energy efficient windows and doors they will be able to regulate the temperature inside of their house. This is a significant money-saver during the winter, as well as the summertime. Energy-efficient supplies can protect a home from extreme cold weather AND hot weather. Bonus!

Do Your Research

In order to get the best quality replacements, homeowners should research local windows and doors companies. They should only buy energy-efficient window and doors from a business that is committed to the distribution and proper installation of their products.

If you live in Canada, consider a trusted company like Casa Bella Windows & Doors, which has been a Canadian manufacturer of windows and entry doors for over sixty years. The company is dedicated to helping customers make their homes more energy-efficient by using superior products and conducting professional installations.

Don’t live in Canada? Do a quick Google search to see what companies can service your area. 

What to look for in an energy-efficient window:

  • Moisture-resistant frame material like vinyl
  • Weather-stripping
  • Energy Star certified
  • Warm edge technology spacers
  • Professional Installation

What to look for in an energy-efficient door:

  • Insulating materials like fiberglass or steel
  • Weather-stripping
  • Energy Star certified
  • Self-draining sill design
  • Professional Installation

The average homeowner may feel punished for trying to stay warm during the winter when they receive expensive electric bills. To keep out the cold and save their money during the winter, they can invest in new energy-efficient windows and doors. The energy-efficient renovation is sure to make your home more comfortable and make your electric bills less painful.   

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