How to Evaluate a Global University Without Going Abroad

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How to Evaluate a Global University Without Going Abroad

Graduating from a good university will help your future professional success and earning power. There are some success stories that say otherwise, but those are extremely rare exceptions not backed by statistics. We all can’t create companies in our garage 😉

A student who dreams about studying abroad might have a hard time choosing the right school. The problem here is distance. Visiting is one of the more important steps in choosing a university. But doing this for each global university you are interested in will be crazy expensive as you can imagine.

Instead of visiting every school, future global university students and their families should use research and professional help to make the process easier and less expensive.

3 Ways of Evaluating a Global University Abroad Without Visiting

Find a global university representative in the region you can reach

Global universities that accept students from all over the world have representatives stationed in various countries. They can be in schools or you might be able to meet them at conferences and college fairs.

Check the university’s website for a calendar of events and any news of their representatives traveling.

If you are only in the early research stages, a global university fair will be the best place to start.

There you can get some ideas about how different universities operate and what they can offer. This kind of personal experience will be more enlightening than reading standard info on the school’s website.

Research universities thoroughly

Universities’ official websites are good sources for admission requirements and classes offered. However, you also need to get some intel from independent sources to get a full picture (i.e. people who actually go there).

Also, make sure you know what the school’s standing is in the global academic arena. The easiest way to do that is to check its position in the world university rating.

You can also use this rating to compile a list of schools you should be researching. It’s an irrefutable fact that an education from a well-known institute will make a better impression on prospective employers.

Once you look through some independent reviews of the global university you like, you should reach out. Contact current students and graduates via social media and ask about their personal experiences with the school.

You should also contact the staff to learn more details about the school and the curriculum. Universities that accept students from other countries usually have a specialized department that helps them settle in the country.

You should be able to ask about these programs by contacting the administration via the school’s website or social media accounts. Some universities even offer video chat opportunities and even a chance to observe some classes via the internet.

Get assistance from educational consultants

If you want to save a lot of time on research, you can hire someone to do it for you. Specialized educational consultants can provide evaluations of the best schools and help you choose the best one for you depending on your budget and interests. Since this is their specialty, they can provide more detailed information than what you can do solo.

They can also arrange visits and help foreign students with all their needs starting from the university application to finding accommodations in their new country. Some consultant companies also run language and culture classes as well.

Overall, you should take your time researching the global university you want to get into and use every opportunity to learn more about it.

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Statistics clearly show that your chances of employment will be much better if you receive your higher education from a reputed school. But as international students are under a lot of pressure, it’s more important for them to find a global university which will be truly perfect for them. This will reduce the stress and help the student succeed!

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