How to Make Filing Taxes Pain-free

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Let’s face it, tax season in the United States is a pain in the you know what. However, in many other countries, this super fun process is taken care of by the government leaving an individual only a couple minutes of pain, if any at all. On the other hand, we spend HOURS preparing, checking boxes, and doing research. It’s enough to make you SCREAM!

While I may not like the process, I understand why it is done this way. Everyone is different with different behaviors and goals, making a one size fits all tax process pretty much impossible. Thankfully, with United Way’s free tax tool – MyFreeTaxes,  filing taxes doesn’t have to be a pain, it can be super easy and stressfree!

Maximize Your Refund

Everyone wants to maximize their tax return as much as possible. And, why not? Extra money is always good, but for most people, knowing what credits and deductions they deserve is a bit of a predicament.

It always leaves me with a headache. A BIG, MONSTROUS one. Our taxes are very complicated with different states and freelancer forms to deal with. It leaves my brain all jumbled and wondering if I am doing the right thing.

taxes, taxes tips, tax tips, filing taxes, myfreetaxes, filing taxes tips, how to file taxes

MyFreeTaxes takes away the mystery and streamlines the whole process with H&R Block’s premium software. The software hunts down everything you’re entitled to so you get the money you deserve. No more wondering and what-ifs, you’ll know everything is 100% accurate.

Plus handing money over to a tax preparer just doesn’t make sense if you are trying to maximize your return. It is just money out the door that could stay in your pocket.

I have a huge bomb to drop. Keep reading, it’ll be worth it!

Makes Filing Your Taxes SO Easy

And when I say easy, I mean it! Just upload a picture of your W-2 and in a matter of seconds, MyFreeTaxes will automatically start filling out the forms. How awesome is that?

No Robots Here

If you have any questions or need help in any way, a MyFreeTaxes IRS-certified specialist has your back. Just shoot them an email or chat, or pick up your phone and give them a call. You will reach a real person, in real time – not an annoying robot.

The Bomb Has Dropped

Are you wasting money filing your taxes? You don’t have to this year!

Like the name suggests, MyFreeTaxes is FREE!

And not that fake kind of free where they only pay for federal or tack on fees for extra forms. With MyFreeTaxes, if you make less than $66,000 filing your state and federal income taxes are COMPLETELY free to file. No gimmicks, no hidden fees. Just plain ole free. This can save you up to $200 and keep more money in your pocket.

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Happy tax season ahead! In case you didn’t know, over 70 percent of U.S. taxpayers qualify for free tax filing and I am willing to bet a lot of them don’t know about this amazing tool. So let all your friends and family know about MyFreeTaxes and save them some pain. Maybe they’ll share some of their extra money with you too 😉

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