Finding The Right Industry For Your Career

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It’s so hard to find your dream job. Of course, it’s not impossible, regardless of what people might say. Work is rarely easy or relaxing, but that doesn’t mean you should hate it. You should, at the very least, feel motivated to put in that extra effort and face challenges in your workplace every day.

You should love the industry in which you work. This means being able to handle the strain and occasional stress you may endure. Work should be a challenge. However, it should be a challenge that you’re happy to face. If you don’t feel that way about your current career then you’ve got a problem. It’s time to fix it!

Finding the right industry for your new career is all about focusing internally. What are your interests? What academic abilities or experience do you have? Most importantly, what kind of character traits do you possess? The answer to these questions will help to paint a fuller picture of the type of person you are and the type of career you should be pursuing. You need to ask yourself what you want out of life. You need to be brutally honest and forget obstacles such as education or experience. It’s never too late to gain either of those things. If you have no idea where to begin, here are some suggestions of different industries that should help you on your way.

Social Careers

Perhaps your current job role involves sitting at a desk and typing away at a computer. You might get to talk to clients occasionally, and you probably share a few short conversations with colleagues when you have a minute. However, if you’re a sociable person then this isn’t enough. Sitting quietly at a desk might be the perfect work environment for some people but not the extroverts of the workplace.

You want a job that allows you to be surrounded by people and talking to people all day. Luckily, there are millions of careers that fit that very description. Marketing, for starters, is based all around selling a product or brand to clients. And every business in the world needs marketers, so you’re spoilt for choice in that regard. Becoming a salesperson of any variety would allow you to socialize with big clients or everyday customers on a human level. It’s the perfect career for the social butterfly.

But the world of suits and big clients might not appeal to you based on your interests or personality type. You could seek a more down-to-earth career that allows for socializing, such as private tutoring. Obviously, teaching is a career that demands knowledge or talent in a certain area of study. Everybody has some form of skill that they can utilize with a little more education.

The point is that tutoring, unlike teaching in a school, could allow you to have one-on-one contact with students of all ages. This might be perfect for you if you’d rather socialize with fellow adults than children. It could be a very laid-back and yet highly sociable career at the same time.

Charitable Careers

If you’ve always been a caring and giving person then it might be time to pursue a more charitable career. If your current employer is fixated on the idea of profit, profit, and more profit then you probably struggle to feel motivated. That’s because the goal of “profiting” isn’t enough for you. Your goal in business likely needs to involving helping others.

You could consider a career in the healthcare industry. Even if you haven’t studied healthcare before, you could look into becoming a registered nurse. Making a living out of healing others is a very honest way of life and the end goal is very charitable.

You might even want to consider gaining new qualifications to help boost your resume and chances of developing a new career in a new industry (this is a good piece of advice for any point on this list). If you’re asking yourself: “What can I do with a Psychology degree?” then you could look into careers involving social work or even life coaching. The point is that there are more options than you think in industries that involve healthcare and helping others. You could open up many more doors for yourself if you study further and gain some skills and knowledge to help you in different industries.

Obviously, the most charitable career out there is a career in charity. It can be a tough industry to enter for a newcomer, but anyone with the right level of determination can quickly climb the ladder to a full-time role. You could start off by volunteering for any local charity fighting for a cause that you’re passionate about. It’s all about starting on the first rung of the ladder and climbing your way up. Making contacts as you volunteer could put you in a good position for a full-time role with the charity and a salary that allows you to make a living by doing what you love.

Start by volunteering for a charity on weekends, without giving up your day job. See if it’s something that really appeals to you. It’s a great way to dip your toe in the water and see if it’s the type of career that would truly speak to your desire to help others.

Creative Careers

Whoever said that creative people will struggle to find work after education was talking nonsense. If you’re a creative person then you have so many open doors that you should be taking. Don’t waste your talents in a job that doesn’t let you use your creative abilities or have any sort of freedom.

You should be utilizing your talent because there are so many industries that want you. If you have a way with words then you could consider a career in writing marketing copy or even website content for companies.

Have an eye for imagery? Then you could go into graphic design or, again, web development.

If you’re musical then you could even create music for such companies to use in their branding. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the opportunities for artistic people in the business world.

Analytical Careers

If you’ve always loved to solve problems then you should make a career out of that. Obviously, many job positions involve some element of analytical thinking and problem-solving. But does your current career satisfy your urge to really use your brain?

You want a career that gives you a challenge in terms of solving technical or logical issues of some capacity. You could consider a career in accountancy if you’ve always had a keen understanding of numerical problems. But dealing with numbers and sums in that capacity might not seem like a very exciting job role to you.

You could consider putting your analytical skills to use in a more exciting career. Criminologists specialize in analyzing criminal behavior, and that could be the perfect job for you to put your logical brain to good use. You could look into courses involving criminology research, policy analysis, and other areas that could get you into this industry.

careers, career, job industries, career ideas, jobs ideas

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