Forlan Retinol Cream Review

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forlan retinol

Now that I am getting older I’m starting to notice fine lines on my face. Especially underneath the eyes. There’s a crease there and when I smile the whole area underneath my eyes puffs up too. Bothers me so bad.

I like to use anti-aging creams twice a day because in my mind it’s helping my future skin. My night cream of choice at the moment is Forlan Retinol Cream.

This anti-aging moisturizer is very nice! It has a very subtle rose hip type scent that dissipates quickly. I love that I can feel it moisturize and firm my skin in tandem. With no extra greasiness!

Forlan Retinol Cream can be used with other facial products like foundation with no gross clumping effects. I love that Forlan Retinol Cream is packed with natural ingredients (Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Rose Water And Sunflower Oil) and vitamins (vitamins A, C, B5) not just chemicals. It makes me feel better about what I am putting on my skin.

If you didn’t know Retinol is just a fancy name for Vitamin A. They make it sound all laboratory but it’s really a great thing for your skin. Retinol promotes new skin cell turnover and this new skin shouldn’t be exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. So pack on the sunscreen and only use this product at night!

The makers of Forlan Retinol Cream say:

Forlan Skincare’s Advanced Vitamin A Retinol cream is so effective in reducing the signs of aging because it’s special anti-wrinkle formula helps the skin retain collagen in a way that gives your skin structure, firmness and elasticity. Our Retinol has the ability to help unplug pores, even out skin discoloration (such as age spots), restore vibrancy to the complexion, reduce oiliness, treat skin concerns such as acne and improve the texture of your skin, making it softer and more supple.

Forlan Skincare’s Advanced Retinol Cream is backed up by our 100%, no quibble, money back guarantee giving you complete peace of mind and when you checkout, buy one for a friend or family member & qualify for Free Shipping.

I also love the pump style of the Forlan Retinol Cream. It makes application much easier than having to glob my fingers into a jar. Which is great since I’m bad at gauging how much I need.

So far I think Forlan Retinol Cream is great! I  have had no side effects from using it and I feel that it is giving my skin the much needed nourishment it craves.

What do you think of retinol?


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