Fun Outside Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

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No matter the season, there is always a time and a place for outdoor activities that your family can have fun with. It’s important to get exercise with your family by doing outdoor activities too. This is especially true when you have cabin fever or haven’t spent a lot of time with your family.  Here are some ideas fun things to do with your family outside.

Cool Off In The Summer With Water Wars

When it’s summertime and you want to cool off, water wars are a great way to do that. You can use super soaker squirt guns, water balloons or even wet sponges.

You can divide up into teams and add your own elements of surprise to it too. If you have a backyard pool, you might center your water war games around it.

Have Fun on a Paintball Course

If you’re looking for competition, a game of paintball can be exciting. It’s best to only do this when the weather is cool and allows you to wear thick, protective clothing. You’ll need that protective clothing because paintballs sometimes sting when you get hit with them.

As long as you follow all instructions given to you by the paintball course management, it’s usually a safe and really fun activity. Especially in the Fall and Halloween time. Think zombie assault!

Some paintball courses may have age restrictions on younger children so do your research beforehand.

Take An Adventurous Hike Through A Corn Maze

An activity that’s much less strenuous but does still involve some walking is going through corn mazes in the fall. Different corn mazes have different difficulty levels, but usually, there are some easier ones that you can bring your whole family to and complete in a reasonable amount of time.

Make sure you come prepared with a map, snacks and drinks and a knowledge of how long it usually takes to get through. Most corn mazes these days have all their details online so check it out in advance. 

Try Your Luck And Patience At Fishing

A fishing trip is one of the longest-running American traditions. You can gather your family out on the water to reel in the big ones. It can take a little patience, but it can also be a good time. You can have many memorable conversations and tell jokes while waiting.

When that big fish bites and you pull it in, you’ll have pictures to show everyone. P.S. Don’t forget your camera!

Turn Your Backyard Into A Place Of Skill Games

There are a lot of fun skill games you can do in your own backyard if it’s large enough. Or, if it’s not, you can take everyone to a large open park and take part in the fun. Heck, the driveway also works!

Some of the most classic backyard skill games are badminton and croquet, but another game that’s fun to test your skills in is cornhole. Pretty much everyone can play cornhole. All you need is enough space to set up the boards and toss the cornhole bags. Let the games begin!

These activities are a few of the many activities families can enjoy at different times of the year. The main thing you’ll need to do is supervise young children and elderly loved ones to make sure everyone stays safe. And always make sure you and other participants are wearing appropriate attire and protective equipment when necessary. And don’t forget to have fun! These moments are fleeting so enjoy them while you can!!

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  1. Sandra Crispo says:

    I like many of these hints, nd will definanly pass them on to my kids and grandkids to do acivities wih their children – espically the water wars and the backyard games!!

  2. Ghastly Girl says:

    Great list! We live on several acres that are mostly wooded. Outdoor play is always popular here. 🙂 one of our favorite games is colored water squirt guns and white T-Shirts. It’s kind of like DIY paintball lol.

    • That’s a ton of fun! I’m assuming it’s done with washable paint?? Sounds like those would be fun shirts afterwards!

  3. Fishing can be great fun for kids. My older brother started taking me fishing when I was still quite little, and he got me a Zebco reel. It is a nice way to spend time outside and everyone can have a good time, can help teach patience and build skills, too.

  4. Great tips, we enjoy day trips to places like zoo and city park. There is always something going on like little outdoor festivals.

  5. Sherry Bracy says:

    love having the kids outdoors! thanks for the tips!

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      Me too! I am a big believer in keeping the kiddos busy outdoors whenever I can.

  6. Lots of fun and good ideas for the grandkids and me over the summer. Kids seem to be bored after awhile when schools out and this is information I can use. thanks

  7. I am all for outdoor fun. Kids these days are too attached to their digital devices.

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