4 Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids (For Any Time Of Year)

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Kids are fickle creatures that get bored at the drop of the hat. If they don’t constantly have something going on, you can be sure they will be right next to you complaining about it. But, don’t worry, moms. We’ve got you covered. Here are several fun outdoor activities that you can do with your kids as long as it’s not raining.

Create A Scavenger Hunt

Have an outdoor scavenger hunt using Ziploc bags and a fun treat at the end. All you have to do is fill Ziploc bags with clues that lead to the next part of the hunt and hide them accordingly. Children love to find out where each clue leads especially when a prize is at state.

It will also add to their creativity, and imagination, allowing them to come up with ideas for the next scavenger hunt.  

Take Pictures

Another great idea for your young artist is to go around the neighborhood, and your backyard, and take pictures.

This is extra fun in winter because the snowy scenery adds something special to the everyday view that you don’t get to experience in the warmer months. It’s also a great opportunity to teach your kids about how weather works. It’s a great opportunity for art and learning!

Design An Obstacle Course

You can create any challenge you wish. Make them jump over hurdles, climb through tunnels, or just run back and forth.  All of these ideas will allow you, and your child, a chance to get some cardiovascular exercise and get your heart pumping.  

If your family has a pet, invite them outside to play on the course, too.  Your furry friend will jump at the chance to spend time with the family, and get some exercise.  After all, many dogs love to experience new challenges and play with the family.  It’s the perfect opportunity include everyone in on the fun!

Play With Your Dog

While there are many dog breeds that love to have fun, families that have a Norwich Terrier already know this from experience. This breed is known to be fearless, and sociable, making it a great breed for children to be around.  They won’t be afraid to try new activities, and their sociability will allow them to play with the kids and their friends.  

Norwich terriers are also very loyal. They form close bonds with every member of the family, which allows them to play with the kids, and be attentive to mom, and dad, as well.

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  1. These are great outdoor activity ideas. Will definitely keep these in mind.

  2. I love the idea of a scavenger hunt! That’s something you could do indoors if the weather got bad too.

    • Yes! A very universal activity. The best part is that it’s customizable to whatever situation you’re in.

  3. All great ideas! My nieces would like that Frozen camera. Cute!

    • Frozen is so popular STILL. I know quite a few little girls who would love it as well. 😉

  4. larescoe says:

    These are some great outdoor activities for kids! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂 I have three littles that love being outside!

  5. Sarah E Horn says:

    Great tips

  6. Brittany Potter says:

    My son absolutely loves being outdoors and the scavenger hunt is an awesome idea! It is something that he would really enjoy! I will definitely be putting these ideas into action! Thank you for posting!

  7. Great suggestions you have here. Scavenger hunts are fun!

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