7 Different Gymnastics Activities For Kids And Their Benefits

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Gymnastics are one of the most unique and exciting activities that your child or teen can practice. It offers a huge range of benefits such as strength and coordination. Plus it helps burn off some of that extra energy they have!

An introductory gymnastics class will give them a taste of all the different types of activities there are. But if they want to pursue gymnastics more competitively, they may want to choose an area to specialize in. However, there’s no rush for that. Each gymnastic activity is thrilling and good for their health no matter what level they are currently at. Below you can learn about a few areas your child can specialize in and see what fits them best.


Aerial arts are very popular these days. Think Cirque du Soleil. They often involve a variety of dance and acrobatic movements using silks, hoops, and straps. At the beginning level, participants typically practice with hammocks. Aerial silks offer a great opportunity to work on strength and flexibility without an intense impact.


Trampoline is not only an excellent cardiovascular activity, it offers an excellent opportunity for practicing floor exercises without the stress of impact. It’s also great for balance and for toning the pelvic area and upper legs.   


An introductory floor class or workshop will offer participants an opportunity to try a number of activities. Rhythmic gymnastics may appeal to those who are interested in elements of dance while tumbling is an excellent way to “learn” how to fall safely.


Kids gymnastics classes usually offer a single bar rather than the traditional uneven or parallel bars used at higher levels. They are an excellent way to increase upper body strength. Kids probably will take to them just as easily as playing on the monkey bars on the playground.  


Beam exercises are an excellent way to work on balance. Young kids and beginners will work on a balance beam that is very low to the ground. Sometimes the beam is actually on the ground to start but eventually, they will work their way up to greater heights.


Many kids will already be familiar with rings from being on the playground. This early exposure may make it easier for them to pull themselves up and swing around. This is one of the best movements for all-around upper body strength.


Like the beam, the vault will likely be placed close to the ground until beginners and children work their way up. Vaulting is about speed and power and may involve a variety of movements from splits to handsprings.

Enrolling your kids in gymnastics offers them an excellent opportunity to try many different activities. Just make sure they choose a path that feels right for them. Whether they lean toward more rules-based or little more creative activities. No matter which road they take, they’re bound to find more confidence and better coordination. These skills can take them a long way in life and I’m sure they will.

If you’re in the Toronto area and you’re interested in finding out more about gymnastics for kids and teens, visit the webpage http://fitforlifegroup.com for more information about youth gymnastics programs. You can also do a simple Google search in your area to find the closest gymnastic facilities to you.

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  1. Jaque Christo says:

    Thank you for the post on the 7 different gymnastics activities for your kids and their benefits. I think aerials are an awesome aspect of gymnastics for really anyone to get into. You have to use your whole body and focus on coordination and execution. It’s a great way for kids to have fun and get exercise and for adults to stay in shape and maintain proper form.

  2. MD Kennedy says:

    My grandsons LOVE gymnastics. The older one (7) has become addicted to the rings, just like his grandfather was when he was young! Must be the genes…

    • I think that would be so fun to watch. My boys just didn’t get into it for some reason although they are always bouncing off the walls at home. Go figure LOL.

  3. I had my Daugther in gymnastics when she was young. I’m so glad she has done the same for her daughter as it really helps develop their balance and motion as they grow. My Grandson has already proven that he likes gymnastics, he tries to do everything his sister does along with a few daredevil tricks he tries to slide by without us knowing. Thanks for sharing the benefits of gymnastics so others can see what’s available.

  4. Enrolling kids in gymnastics will give them skills and confidence. The benefits are many.

  5. I have a daughter that goes for lessons at the gym, I think she enjoys doing flips .

  6. Gymnastics is great. It allows kids to feel strong and have fun!

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