Happy & Healthy Marriage Advice for Every Couple

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marriage advice

Ahh, marriage. The time of your life when everything is fun, yet stable. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a happy marriage.

For those of you who are new to all this, we’ve decided to gather the most important marriage tips some couples wish they were given before everything went downhill. So here are 10 happy & healthy marriage tips every couple should follow.

Marriage Advice #1 Say “thank you” for everything

Number one is to be thankful. Yes, while most of us are polite, certain couples think that once they are married, everything should come as granted. That is not true whatsoever.

Many couples, be it young or old, have problems with appreciation. That morning coffee takes efforts to make and that washed laundry won’t hang itself.

To show your loved one that you really care about them, a thank you with a smile will go a long way. Did she fold your socks? Say thanks!

Has he taken out the trash? Say thanks! It’s simple, it’s effective, and this is, perhaps, the best marriage advice you can get.

Marriage Advice #2 Be honest, always

This might seem like a no-brainer for most of us. But you’ll be surprised at how many married couples aren’t being completely honest. The basis of any relationship is trust, and if you don’t have that, your marriage is in huge trouble.

When people at DoULikeSenior ask us how to have a happy marriage, we usually advise them to be upfront with their partner. You have to understand that the person with you is there for a reason.

Every time you say “it’s okay” when in reality it isn’t, you endanger your marriage. When you don’t like something, or see that it might not be good for your spouse, say the cold hard truth. That way, you will show that you’re willing to help them out no matter what.

Marriage Advice #3 It’s the thought that counts

You see, it depends on the person. Some people find it hard to impress their loved one, while others just don’t know where to start. Thus, instead of giving you some generic present ideas, we suggest that you do your own research.

That way you’ll know exactly what to do, and if by any chance you find a really good idea on the internet, make sure that your spouse would appreciate it.

It can be hard but trust us, no amount of marriage advice will help you if you don’t know your significant other. Again, it’s about the thought, not the money that goes into that gift.

Marriage Advice #4 Listen to each other

When both of you are super sure that your opinion is the right one, the marriage can be tough, to say the least. But we’ll talk about it anyways.

You can’t have proper communication when both of you aren’t listening. Without knowing how to listen, previous marriage advice isn’t even relevant. I mean, if you don’t pay attention and ignore the “signs”, you will end up making a lot of mistakes.

Communication is paramount not just in marriages but practically everywhere. So buckle-up, gather all your patience and start practicing if you have trouble listening to your spouse.

Marriage Advice #5 Find a compromise

Before you jump into compromising, keep one thing in mind: promises are fragile, compromises are sturdy. Marriage is a thing that kinda revolves around compromises, and if you’re not good at it, you’re in for a mess.

There’s no such thing as a perfect couple, and those that claim that they are, are probably good actors, or more realistically, know how to negotiate stuff.

Yeah, sometimes you just gotta let down that Xbox controller and go to the grocery store, or do the laundry (we’re getting old, I know, but I mean, everyone hates laundry).

Marriage Advice #6 Relive the newlywed stage

All happy marriage tips posts have a newlyweds section in them, and we’re no different. Similar to what we’ve discussed in our marriage advice tip #3, try to do stuff that will remind your partner of the times when you just got married.

It was a special period for both of you, and doing things that you’ve done back then will make them so much happier.

Marriage Advice #7 Don’t make the same mistake

This a tough one to follow, and I know we all like to make the same mistake twice. But trust me, sometimes, you gotta be careful with what you do and say.

If you find it hard to track the exact problem, try to remember what triggered it. I know that you might find this marriage advice not as helpful as the other tips, but once you get to know what causes the issue in the first place, you will be way more careful and subsequently, happier because you won’t repeat it.

I’ve been happily married for almost 17 years in case you were wondering 😉

Marriage Advice #8 Change your focus 

We are the center of the world. You think that everything revolves around you, and for good reasons. However, that does not apply exclusively to you!

Everyone subconsciously thinks they are the center of the universe, and that is a scientific fact. But try to be more attentive to your partner. If both of you truly love each other, you will notice the difference quickly. Suddenly, everything will become great.

Marriage Advice #9 Say what you want 

Be clear about your emotions, beliefs, preferences, etc. As long as you keep things open for discussion, you will be able to change what you don’t like, as well as you will be able to improve your surroundings.

This a powerful tool, but like every great power, it comes with great responsibility. Be wise, don’t rush things, and you’ll be okay.

Marriage Advice #10 Work on it every day

We left the most important one for last. Work hard on your relationship and you will forget that problems exist in the first place.

Marriage isn’t a sprint but a marathon, and it takes a lot of effort to get things moving the way both of you want. So never stop improving, never stop loving, and remember to always be there for your significant other.

marriage advice

We hope that our list of healthy marriage tips will help you improve your love life. We know that some of them are hard to follow, but they pay off tenfold.

You just gotta push it hard enough, and eventually, they will become the norm and save your marriage at the same time. Good luck!

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  1. Lots of good tips here! I have been married +22 years and what I find most important is PATIENCE. We are not always going to feel head over heels in love, we will have rough patches but as long as we are patient with one another, we will get through those hard times and back to the happy times!

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      You are right. Patience is key in a marriage or any relationship. Congratulations on your lasting marriage! 🙂

  2. Dana Rodriguez says:

    These are great tips. Marriage is something you have to work on and it is not always like a romance novel for sure.. anything but.

    • I know what you mean. I’ve never actually read a romance novel but Ive heard about them 😂

    • Dana Rodriguez says:

      haha I got married at 18 and it wasn’t anything like those steamy looking novels with the hunky pirate looking guys my brother and I used to giggle over when we found them under my mom’s bed.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      lol Oh, the good old days. I remember seeing stacks of those romance novels in relative’s bookshelves and giggling too.

  3. Edna Williams says:

    I think many more marriages would survive if everyone utilized these strategies. The divorce rate in today’s world is such a travesty.

  4. Good points. Strong marriages are work but possible!

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