A Simple Way To Get Healthy, Beautiful Hair This New Year

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We are just now in the early months of a New Year and that means people are setting goals and attempting to stick to them. Typical New Years resolutions are things like losing weight, eating healthy, and focusing more on personal wellbeing.

While those goals are great ambitions, I know a way you can actually get healthy, beautiful hair and check something off your list. Today I am going to talk about Natural Healthy Hair and their awesome Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment. Let’s jump in and see how it can turn your hair from drab to fab.

About Natural Healthy Hair

The company that makes Natural Healthy Hair has been developing hair and cosmetics for over 20 years. After a lot of trial and error, they came up with an amazing hair care line that I am loving.

“NBC finally arrived to what it considers the “best” deep conditioning protein treatment product and after-care product line for the hair and has made it available world-wide through Natural Healthy Hair By Nikki  Bailey.”

Great For Color Treated Hair Like Mine

hair tips, hair tips healthy, hair, natural healthy hair, hair treatments, healthy hair tips, healthy hair remedies

Since my late twenties, I’ve been coloring my hair every three months or so to cover up my gray hair. Yes, I have them. I don’t care how young you think I look. They are there often popping out in strange directions.

I DIY my coloring so my hair is not in the best condition. I try to follow the directions and after treatments but my hair is still damaged. It has left me with broken, frizzy hair that’s quite annoying. Thankfully, I’ve found something to bring back some of my hairs youth.

Natural Healthy Hair Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment repairs, nourishes and protects your damaged hair. Are you always blow drying or flat ironing your hair? If yes, you need this product!

It made my hair feel super silky and tamed that awful fizz. Best part? I didn’t even style it and it still looks TONS better than my before picture.

Turns Back Time

hair tips, hair tips healthy, hair, natural healthy hair, hair treatments, healthy hair tips, healthy hair remedies

“Prolonged exposure to the destructive factors of the environment, such as sunlight and pollution, leads to attack and breakdown of the structural components of the hair. This breakdown is primarily through the cross-linking of the keratin proteins which subsequently cause brittleness, reduced lubricity and disruption of the cuticle. This damage dulls and weakens the hair and makes it more vulnerable to further attack.”

Natural Healthy Hair is like a superhero with a shield for your hair. It forms a surface shield of hydrolyzed keratin while infusing protein straight into your hairs cortex, protecting the hair from damage! What you end up with is stronger, healthier hair!

Smells Dang Good

If this product did nothing but moisturize my hair, I would still love it. Why? It smells SO good. A very fresh, clean smell that I love. And that lasts quite a while. I don’t always remember to spray on my perfume, but when I use this I don’t have to. People get whiffs of its awesome smell as they pass me.

So while you’re attempting to eat healthier and exercise more, take the plunge and try Natural Healthy Hair. It will easily make you feel like a new person (probably much quicker, too!) for this fabulous new year.

Ready to buy it? Use code HM12 a free-gift when you buy the Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment. Happy hair days ahead!

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  1. Caroline says:

    What’s the full ingredient list? I found the product website and it lists 11 key ingredients. Are there more than that?

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