Helping Depression and Anxiety with CBD Oils

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Helping Depression and Anxiety with CBD Oils

Over 40 million adults suffer from anxiety disorders in the United States—myself included. Then to top it off, many of the same people — over 300 million worldwide also suffer from depression. It’s a double whammy.

Treatment for these disorders typically include things like therapy and prescription medications. However, if you are wanting to skip the antidepressants and take a more natural approach you could try CBD Oils.

Please note this is still very new research and not a lot of doctors are up to date on the benefits of CBD oil.

What are CBD Oils?

When I first heard of CBD oils, I didn’t know what to think. Was it just marijuana in oil form? With the rise of states legalizing marijuana, were states just looking for new ways to market this ‘new’ product?

I was right and wrong.

CBD or cannabidiol is an oil made from the flowers and buds of marijuana or hemp plants. These oils are starting to be known for helping depression and anxiety without the mind-altering effects that marijuana produces.

CBD can be taken in many forms. Capsules, edibles, creams, vapes, and of course, CBD oil as well as several others.

Can CBD Oils Get Me High?

If you are worried about these oils getting you ‘high’, there’s no need for that. Like most, when I first heard about CBD I associated it with traditional marijuana and thought it could get people ‘high’. That’s not really true.

CBD oils do not contain the psychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) compound that marijuana is known for. However, some may contain very little trace amounts depending on its source.

Are CBD Oils Legal?

Yes, if derived from hemp plants but sort of if made from a marijuana plant.

If CBD oils are made from the marijuana plant it’s legality depends on where marijuana is legal. Out of the 50 states CBD oils are legal in 33 of them whether it be for medical or recreational reasons.

However, if the CBD oil is made from a hemp plant it’s legal in all 50 states.

If you are considering using CBD oils for any reason please look up the laws in your state. Some states have very specific and picky rules.

It’s better to follow the rules then spend some unneeded time in jail, right?

Helping Depression and Anxiety with CBD Oils

Everyone has heard about marijuana being prescribed to cancer patients for pain and nausea. Or, about how it relaxes you. These same type of benefits are in CBD oils.

Please note CBD has not been approved by the FDA to treat anything at this time. 

The Endocannabinoid System

One of the lesser known systems in the human body is the Endocannabinoid System. This system helps promote homeostasis (you know, balance) in the body.

Apparently, the body contains a lot of cannabinoid receptors and even makes its own cannabinoid-like chemicals. In fact, there are more cannabinoid receptors than any other neuromodulatory receptors in the body.

Plant cannabinoids can connect to these natural receptors in the body to improve mood, among other things.

Depression and Anxiety

The Endocannabinoid System is why plants like marijuana have been used for medicinal purposes for a long time.

It makes me think of old movies where the tribe healer would mix up a potion of plants to heal someone. 

With depression and anxiety, plant cannabinoids increase the amount of serotonin production.

In case you didn’t know, serotonin can improve mood and reduce stress. It’s like a natural mood stabilizer which is something someone suffering from depression and anxiety desperately needs.

Someone suffering from depression and anxiety often also has a smaller hippocampus. The hippocampus is responsible for controlling some basic emotions—you know like fight or flight.

The smaller the hippocampus is the less willpower someone has to do things. CBD oil can help stimulate new neurons to grow which is similar to what antidepressants do.

There have been several studies that have shown CBD oil to improve the way the brain responds to anxiety. Overall, it made people suffering from anxiety feel generally better but a lot more research still needs to be done.

Final Thoughts

I suspect with the increasing legalization of marijuana more and more research will be done on this subject. As of right now, the lack of scientific research and regulation make this type of treatment a personal decision.

Helping Depression and Anxiety with CBD Oils

Are you looking for a natural alternative to modern medications? Then helping depression and anxiety with CBD oils is worth looking into. It can help improve your mood and reduce stress levels without the need for a prescription.

If this is the path you want to take, I would suggest talking to a doctor who has experience with CBD products. They may be able to give you further insight into how it can help you and suggest safe dosages.

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  1. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I have never used them. However I have been hearing A LOT about this lately.

  2. Rhonda Miotke says:

    I have not had the chance to try CBD oils I have read a lot about all the wonderful uses it has. I have a chronic pain condition and I have heard they help with that too.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      I hope you are able to find some relief from your chronic pain! I know many people have found relief with CBD oils.

  3. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    I have heard they are great for anxiety from a few friends. I haven’t tried them yet, but I want to in the future. I love that its a natural way to help without as many side effects.

  4. Sally Hill says:

    I was really interested to read your article about them, as myself and family members suffer from depression and anxiety disorders. I think I’d need to do some careful research about possible side effects before trying them out.

  5. rhonda miotke says:

    I have not tried any CBD oils yet. I have heard a lot of good things about it and would love to try them out sometime.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      I have heard from so many people about their great benefits. If you decide to try them, please let us know how they help! 🙂

  6. I have CBD oil that I take a dropper a day. Well, I should, but I forgot so it’s hard for me to say if I feel any benefits.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      It’s hard to remember to start taking something on a regular basis, but you can do it! Good luck!

  7. (Helping Depression and Anxiety with CBD Oils) I found this very interesting to read about. I have had my daughter try out the CBD oil to help with her anxeity and sometimes her depression too.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      Have you found it helpful for her? I have heard so many good reviews from people using it for this same thing.

  8. I have never tried this myself, I have been told by so many other people that I of all people should try it , that it would definitely benefit me and my body.. I may give it a try or not, not sure yet!.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      You should definitely research it more and look into trying it. I know many people have found great success with it.

  9. Edna Williams says:

    I have never tried them. I have heard they do wonders as pain relievers.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      I have heard the same thing from a lot of people. It definitely seems to improve situations for people!

  10. I’ve never heard or tried these. I don’t think they are legal in my country though.

  11. I have never tried CBD oil, but I have friends and family members who swear by it.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      I know many people who love it and swear that it helps! I’m glad your friends and family members have found success.

  12. I’ve been hearing a lot about this lately. I haven’t tried it yet but would definitely be willing to give it a try.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      It is definitely worth giving it a shot to help with many different conditions. Many people tout the benefits!

  13. I’ve never tried them. I’d like to learn more about them.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      CBD oils are so helpful for people, I love sharing what I have learned about them.

  14. I have not yet tried the cbd oils. I have depression and didn’t know this was even available.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your depression. Yes! CBD oils are available to buy.

  15. I have tried CBD oils but the free sample I ordered ended up aweful. They charged me 75.00 for the bottle of oil and then put me on a list to charge my account each month. I would love to continue using this buying it as needed at a fair price. Thank you so much for sharing. It really does work

  16. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I have been hearing so much about CBD oil, but haven’t used it yet. I have also read that it works well for low-level chronoc pain, too.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      I can’t believe how much we are hearing about the benefits of it, I think I see a new article daily. Many people do say that it has helped them with chronic pain.

  17. My husband has tried this oil. He really does like it. I have never tried the oil. Thank you for sharing.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      Is it working well for your husband? I just love hearing about people’s experiences with it.

  18. I will definitely read all of this to see what I think about this.

  19. I hear this is popular with animals too! Thanks for sharing cbd and anxiety

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      It is! I have heard of many people giving it to their dogs that suffer from anxiety.

  20. Shannon D Citrino says:

    I love and oils

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      Do you? Have you found them useful? 🙂

    • Shannon D Citrino says:

      My daughter uses them regularly to help with her anxiety and depression. She’s 18. We tried everything and she got frustrated and overwhelmed by doctors prescribing all sorts of meds with side effects.. it’s one of the only tho vs that we have seen that have actually made a difference in a long time and she’s going to continue to use what’s working.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      That is so great that she has found something that has helped her! Many people swear by these over pharmaceuticals.

  21. I have used CBD oil. I find that it’s helpful for sleep and anxiety, and it’s also great for my digestion.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      That is awesome that it is helping you! I hear so many people say the same thing. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  22. No, I’ve never tried cbd oils before. They sound interesting. I would be interested in learning more about them!

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      CBD oils are well worth exploring. Many people swear by their benefits for a variety of health reasons.

  23. No I have not,
    Would the cost of the oils be worth it I wonder, just don’t know

  24. I suffer from anxiety and chronic lower back pain I started using CBD oil about six months ago that works great. My back spasms have decreased agreed amount and I no longer take high doses of medication. If you have chronic pain I recommend CBD oil.

  25. OK PEOPLE!!!!!! I started using CBD when it first came out. used it for 4 months. there wasnt anything different, no relief from suffering. you have to understand that the ones that did see and feel different really used THC. this is what works. plain and simple. so get over it and go on. I hope others will try something diffent. all they have to loose is PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. i have never tried cbd oils. i do suffer from depression and anxiety, so i have thought about usingpot to help calm me down especially during these parenting years.

  27. I have only heard of CBD oils. I have not tried them.

  28. Darlene Owen says:

    I have tried CBD oil when I broke my foot and had a lot of pain at night, it worked for a few days. Now we are giving it to our dog as she has a cancerous tumor under her eye and an enlarged heart, this makes her sleep peacefully.

  29. I joined a company in October that sells CBD oils, but have yet to try them. I would like to try them at some point though!

  30. I have never tried CBD oil but I do have issues with panic attacks and anxiety often. I have heard of some people that use it say that it really helps them a lot. Glad that it helps them – as long as its legal

  31. Cynthia C says:

    I’ve never tried this. It looks interesting.

  32. David Hollingsworth says:

    I really to try these these oils. They sound like they help ease some pain.

  33. I have never tried CBD oils. I have heard of it. Maybe I should try it.

  34. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I have not tried CBD oils yet but I would be interested in trying them.

  35. Abigail Gibson says:

    I have never used CBD oils yet but my aunt swears by it. She has migraines and she uses an oil blend that she says relieves her migraine within 20 minutes.

  36. Deborah Smith says:

    I have tried CBD oil on a few different occasions for chronic pain and insomnia. It did not work for me at all. Not even a little bit. I did try THC/CBD gummies and THOSE worked, but only because of the addition of the THC. Unfortunately I can’t take these gummies that work for me due to the fact that my company does random drug testing and it isn’t worth losing my job over

  37. Kasey Kessler says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I have never heard of CBD oil’s. I am going to talk with my doctor about them.

  38. I have never used them before. I would be open to try them.

  39. Barbara B. says:

    I haven’t heard much about CBD oil, and found this post interesting. I do know that plants can be amazingly healing.

  40. We are looking into this for my husband – he has has 8 back surgeries and wants off the meds that he is taking. At some point I think he is going to research more to see if it might be helpful. Thanks for the article.

  41. jason jennings says:

    no i never have but i would try

  42. Pam Wheeler says:

    I have not tried CBD oils. I do suffer from anxiety, which is treated by medication. I’d be willing to give CBD oils a try.

  43. I have not tried any of these. but will definitely look into the pros and cons of cbd oils, thanks so much for sharing,

  44. gloria patterson says:

    have never tried cbd oils…………. have read so much but don’t what would or would not work

  45. Debbie Welchert says:

    In my much younger days as a teenager, I used to smoke marijuana and I enjoyed it. But as I got out of being a teenager I just quit smoking it. I’m one of those who thinks they should legalize it for medical purposes. I see no harm in people who suffer from an painful sickness should be able to take anything that helps them with their sickness.

  46. Never tried but I have some friends who are veterans and they swear by it.

  47. Interesting read! I’ve not tried CBD oils but I am definitely intrigued. I’ve heard from some friends who have been saying it praises, so I will look more into it for sure.

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