Is Hiring a Cleaning Service Really Worth It?

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People have never been busier. It is not unusual to work at a job for forty hours or more a week, with overtime being the rule rather than the exception. With so little time for rest and recreation, do you really want to use that time to clean your house? It might be time to consider hiring a cleaning service to do that for you.

Health Benefits

Hiring a cleaning service such as Amazon Cleaning Services will make sure that your home stays clean while you are off conquering the world. These professionals know the right methods and products to use to clean even the toughest dirt away, keeping your home healthy as well.

Breathing healthy indoor air is essential for good health. The presence of pet dander, dirt, allergens, asbestos fibers, and dust are constantly circulated by your HVAC system and being inhaled. Thorough professional cleaning will keep your indoor air clean, fresh and healthy. The dirt and dust in the carpet, area rugs, upholstered furniture, blinds, and drapes can release contaminants into the air. A regular cleaning of these improves the indoor air quality for a healthier home.

Bathrooms are a breeding ground for mold, e-Coli, fungi, salmonella and other gastrointestinal viruses. Professional cleaners will use the best cleaning techniques and products to keep your bathrooms as germ-free as possible.  Because they bring and use their own products, you will not have to worry about buying and keeping your own cleaning supplies. Bonus!

Simply knowing that your house will be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis can relieve fatigue. You won’t have that familiar stressful feeling of knowing that your house needs cleaning but you don’t have the time or the energy to do it. Studies have shown that working and living in an organized and clean environment brings inner rest, while a dirty and disorganized environment makes it hard to focus leading to fatigue.

Save Money in the Long Run

Without regular cleaning, your carpet, blinds, furniture, and drapes can begin to deteriorate. The fabric fibers break down and blinds can lose their smoothness. Most people end up needing to replace these after a while. You can preserve the longevity of them with regularly scheduled cleaning.

Ward off the natural deterioration of the fibers and surfaces by having the cleaners professionally extract the contaminants about every six months. In addition to this, tiles, floors, baseboards, and countertops all need the oil and dirt cleaned off the surfaces to prevent damage. The longer these stay on the more likely you will need to spend money sanding and refinishing to undo the damage. If not maintained it is likely that you will have to pay more money for replacement or repair in the future.

Find the Service that is Right for You

While looking for the right cleaning service, be sure to do the following:

  • Ask for referrals from your family and friends.
  • Read reviews online.
  • Ask the cleaning service for references. Make a list of questions to ask before calling.
  • Choose a cleaning service that is bonded and insured. This is necessary to cover any damage to your home during the cleaning process. This includes any missing or broken items.
  • Ask the company exactly what they clean and what they charge. Find out if they charge hourly, a flat fee, or room by room. Ask about extra charges for additional things you may ask them to do on occasion.
  • Ask the company about the cleaning solutions they use. Find out if they have the appropriate solutions for any special countertops or sensitive areas in your home. Make sure you or family members are not allergic to any of the chemicals. If so, you may want to get your own cleaning solutions. Should that be the case, find out if they will charge you less if you buy your own cleaning solutions.
  • See if the company would be willing to give you a trial cleaning of your home. Some services provide a satisfaction guarantee that waives the fee if you don’t like the job they do.


You will enjoy having a cleaning service clean your home. Instead of spending your time cleaning the house, you will be able to actually do the things you actually want to do. You may even have the time to take some naps – something we all miss!

cleaning, cleaning service, using a cleaning service, maid

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