12 Home Decor Tips PLUS Room Inspiration

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room inspiration

Interior decorators may be able to decorate your home gorgeously, but their fee can be outrageous. Not everyone has the budget to get a professional interior decorator on their team. However, your limited budget and lack of professional guidance from a decorator shouldn’t prevent you from having a perfectly stunning home.

To make it easy for you to upgrade your home décor, we have put together a list of décor ideas and room inspiration that interior decorators from across the globe swear by.

You can give your home décor that professionally designed vibe. Here’s everything you need to know + room inspiration:

Opt For An Accent Wall To Break The Monotony Of The Décor

A lot of homes end up having very monotonous and boring decor. One effective and excellent way to break the monotony is by opting for accent walls in each room.

Room Inspiration Ideas:

  • Covering one wall of each room with a brightly printed and captivating wallpaper. You can opt for wallpapers with geometric prints, floral prints, Aztec prints or motif prints.
  • Painting the accent wall of each room in a bright and contrasting color. Some of the most recommended paint shades for accent walls include maroon, purple, blue, olive green, and red.

Use Wall Panels On The Walls Of Your Home

If you aren’t big on accent walls, you always have the option of using wall panels. If you’re looking to give your living room a classy and upscale décor, then you can install 3D wall panels on the walls of the living room.

For people who are looking to hide the ugly wall flaws in their bathrooms, the acrylic bathroom wall panels are ideal.

The bamboo wall paneling is best suited for the walls of foyer or the entrance passage in your home. These modern wall paneling options will make your home look like it has been professionally designed by an interior decorator.

Plus these affordable wall panels are very effective in hiding wall flaws and cracks!

Rugs And Carpets Are In Style

Room Inspiration Ideas:

Using colorful rugs and carpets will add vibrancy and life to the décor of your home.

Have a kid who plays drums? Rugs and carpets are also extremely effective in preventing sound reverberations and echoes.

Jazz Up Your Staircase

The staircase of any home is the most understated area. 

You too can make the staircase in your home look fancy and fabulous by either painting the stairs in a bold and bright color or by using animal print or rainbow print staircase runners.

Make Sure There’s Ample Light In Your Home

A home that’s dark and dingy is a total eyesore. 

Whether you’re opting for the natural light by widening your windows, or you’re going in for gorgeous artificial lighting options, make sure that your home is always well-lit and bright.

Some room inspiration artificial lighting options are considering include pendant lights, string lights, sconces, wall lamps, and chandeliers.

Add Nature To Your Home Décor

Placing a few indoor plants in your home will give the surroundings a natural and homey feel. Water bamboos, indoor bonsai trees, succulents, and cacti are perfect for any home.

Use Wood Wherever Possible

Room Inspiration Ideas:

Wooden floors and furniture give any house a very warm, natural, rustic and cozy appeal. 

Plus wooden furniture and floors go with all kinds of home décor styles!

Candles And Potpourri For That Romantic Vibe

Good home décor is not just about sights but also about scents. You can’t have a gorgeous home if there are foul and funky scents floating about.

Placing scented candles and potpourri around your home will give the surroundings that relaxed vibe and at the same time make your house smell wonderful.

Cover Bare And Massive Walls With Bookcases

Room Inspiration Ideas:

If you have high ceilings and tall bare walls in your home, you can cover up the boring and lifeless walls with beautiful wooden bookcases. The bookcases will bring some character and style to the otherwise dull and empty walls.

Art To Make Your Home Décor Stand Out

Colorful and creative art can make the most boring home décor standout and look wonderful. You can place beautifully painted and colorful canvases on the walls of your home.

You can also purchase some beautiful marble sculptures to use as centerpieces or showpieces.  

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms are a part of your legacy and they represent who you are and where you come from. Just like the heirlooms, even your home décor should be a representation of you and hence using the heirlooms will make your home décor unique and distinguished, just like you.

Opt For Comfortable Furniture Over Fancy Furniture

While it may be very tempting for you to choose pieces of furniture that look ‘pretty’, they may not be the most comfortable to sit on.

You know what I’m talking about 😉

You need to make sure that you opt for furniture items that are comfortable to sit on. Ones that you can sink into with a good book and a piping hot cup of coffee!

Room Inspiration Idea:

room inspiration

These basic décor tips and suggestions are being followed by interior decorators across the globe. You too can make your home décor look like it has been professionally designed by following these room inspiration ideas.

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  1. We moved into a new home recently and it really needs some help. I am not the best at decorating and can’t afford an interior decorator. I really enjoyed this article. I was surprised you suggested wall paper. I though no one used this any more. I always loved wall paper in the past. Thank you so much for sharing this great and informative article. God Bless

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      I love that wallpaper is making a comeback! While I don’t miss the days of fully covered wallpaper rooms, you can add a great pop of color or design into a space by using wallpaper for your accent wall. Many people prefer this over using stencils with paint.

  2. Great tips! I think opting for comfortable furniture over fancy furniture is a definite must.

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      Definitely! Function over form, right? It’s great if it looks nice, but you need to be able to sit on it comfortably, otherwise, it’s just a waste of money.

  3. Dana Rodriguez says:

    These are great ideas. I really like the black rug!

    • Home Jobs By Mom says:

      Thank you and I agree! That black rug is fabulous. I can picture a few spaces that it would look great in.

  4. I like to redecorate every so often. Styles change and so do we. Comfortable furniture is number one I would say I like to be comfy in my furniture always.

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