Horror Costumes for Kids: Headless Horseman Kids Costume Review

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Headless Horseman Kids Costume

My oldest son is no longer into the cute Halloween costumes or even popular character costumes like the Iron Patriot. Luckily for me, his younger brother still is. Whew. Got to cherish all cute moments because before you know it they will sadly be gone.

Big Bug has decided his costumes HAVE to be scary. He wants to freak people out! Hopefully little kids aren’t his prey!! He’s not old enough to go trick or treating alone though so I know that’s not the case at least.

Last year for Halloween he was a Skeleton Zombie. It was right up his alley. He loved it! His costume was even picked as one of the best costumes at scout Halloween event out of 100+ kids. He enjoyed every minute of it.

For Halloween this year he has decided to be the Headless Horseman ($36). He just thought the idea of other people thinking his head was chopped off was so cool. Kids. For a lot of people though Halloween is a time to have fun and jokingly scare people. So many people throw exciting Halloween theme parties and just enjoy being together.

I look at as a family activity where we can all get together having fun dressing up in our favorite costumes of the season, roast pumpkin seeds, and maybe throw in few cute Halloween crafts. It’s just a fun family day to me!

Big Bug’s Headless Horseman costume turned out pretty well. I had my doubts initially as I was trying to get it on him. This costume comes with three pieces.
Headless Horseman
The first two pieces are the headless mask piece and inflatable shoulders. The headless mask piece fits over the head and has eye holes. Be careful to make sure the mask is correctly placed over the eyes to avoid the mistake I made.

I accidentally tried adjusting the mask to center it better and the plastic rim part hit my son’s eye. I felt so bad but he was okay. I kind of wish the eye holes were a bit bigger so that issue wouldn’t have happened.

The inflatable shoulders are there to make your child’s masked head look like it’s in the correct position on the body. At first I had a hard time blowing up the shoulder pieces. I went to go get my husband to do it but he was on the phone so long I tried again and it blew up right away. Strange.

One of the elastic ties that came with my son’s costume came untied when we were trying to put the shoulder pieces on. It was easy to just tie back in the correct position though. My son also complained that the elastic that has to go underneath his arms to keep the shoulders in place bothers him. He totally forgot about this problem once he saw the end result of the costume, thankfully!

The last piece of the costume is all connected. There’s a vest with attached sleeves with lace detail, cape, and ascot. It took a bit of finagling to get it on over those inflatable shoulders but we did it without tearing anything. Pretty sturdy fabric because it was squeeze!
headless horseman
You then Velcro the collar to cover the eye holes from the mask to get the headless look. The front part of the vest is sheer and can be seen through easily. The lace front helps to hide anyone that’s looking too closely for your son’s eyes.

Big Bug loved the end result of the Headless Horseman Kids Costume. Despite our hesitation while getting it on the end result was fabulous and looked just the way he wanted it to. However, I think the costume runs a bit small. My son is getting ready to turn 8 so we ordered a medium sizes 8-10. We felt that the sleeves were too short as well as the mask being a little too small for him. Something to consider if you do decide to purchase this super cool costume.

What do you think about Halloween in general?

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  1. I don’t do Halloween so don’t do such costumes

    • Does Wales not do Halloween? Or is it a personal preference? I’ve never really paid attention what countries celebrate it.

  2. I live in Australia and up until around 20 years ago you never heard of Halloween it was just not an Aussie thing, now days it is growing in popularity but it is not for me I feel it is not an Aussie thing and it’s just stores trying to make money by introducing it into our country

    • Thanks for sharing Jo Anne! I had no idea Australia didn’t really do Halloween. I can see your point about stores just trying to make money off of it. My husband feels that way too about commercial holidays.

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